Who is Lexi from Below Deck Mediterranean's fiance?

Ever since Malia White let slip that her Below Deck Med co-star Lexi may be engaged, fans have been eager to find out who her fiance is.

This season has been nothing less than dramatic, with Lexi Wilson already coming under fire by viewers for previously saying the ‘R-word’.

She is still the topic of conversation for fans, but for a completely different rumor: that she suddenly has a mystery fiance in her life.

We explored who the possible new guy is in Lexi’s romantic world…

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Your First Look at Below Deck Mediterranean Season 6 | Bravo

Your First Look at Below Deck Mediterranean Season 6 | Bravo

Who is Lexi Wilson’s fiance?

Lexi Wilson has not named or even confirmed that she has an alleged fiance, but we were given a hint by her co-star Malia White.

Malia revealed that Lexi’s apparent fiance is a “wealthy man”, which left fans to wonder why she would ‘marry for money’ if she is rich.

However, judging from their relationship on the show, it seems unlikely Malia would have got this information from Lexi.

There are a few guesses from Below Deck Med viewers about who her fiance may be, such as a potential man she met a previous pageant (below).

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What is Lexi’s net worth?

Lexi Wilson’s net worth is estimated at $50,000.

She repeatedly claimed she had lots of money during her time on Below Deck Med, so some viewers may have thought she was rich.

So much so, that the star was nicknamed ‘Lexi “$8,000 condo” Wilson… However, she is now allegedly wanting to sell details about the season.

Since she was fired from the boat – following her argument with Mathew Shea – Lexi is thought to have called out Bravo on her private IG account.

As per Cinema Blend, she reportedly wrote:

These people are the worst in life! That episode is completely edited down and the stories are unrelated to the argument. And the nerve of you to message me talking about how you treated me fairly #nadinerajabi when you allowed this to happen.

Lexi never showed up to reunion

Lexi declined to participate in the Below Deck Med reunion.

In fact, she has basically taken herself off the map completely, going private on Instagram and staying pretty schtum online.

It comes after she had arguments with her co-stars on board, which mainly involved chef Mathew Shea, calling him an “abortion” and the ‘r-word’.

Several viewers were glad to hear she would not be attending, while others were disappointed that Lexi had not turned up to fight her side.

And it was no surprise to most, as they knew she would not return following the arguments that took place on the past season.



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