Below Deck Med is back series 5 with a line-up of returning stars and new additions.

The Bravo series follows a crew on a 184-foot superyacht around the Spanish island of Mallorca while they live and work together. Plus, there is the occasional drama of heartbreaks and fallouts between the cast members.

Some of the crew members are former captains, while others have worked in yachts before. The challenge here is the combination of different personalities and tensions over leadership and management.

Monday’s episode (June 15th) saw the shocking exit of one cast member. So, let’s see who left the Bravo series and who will step in as the new stew.

Hannah from Below Deck Med

Who left Below Deck Med?

Lara Flumiani is the latest crew member to exit the series. She left the show in episode 3 ‘The Italian’s Job’.

Lara reported to Hannah Ferrier as her second stew but the relationship between the two hasn’t been the smoothest one.

Following her exit from Below Deck Med, Lara told Bravo that she felt she wouldn’t get along with Hannah from the beginning.

She said: “I got a negative feeling right away by the way she was acting. There are some things people don’t need to say with words; it’s just the way they act, the way they move.

Lara continued:

For me, as soon as I came on board, I could get this vibe from her right away. It’s not even about waiting for someone to say something bad to you; you know right away where you stand with someone by the vibe they give off.


Who is the new stew on Below Deck Med?

It’s unknown at the moment!

Fans of Below Deck Med have already come up with their own suggestions on who could replace Lara as the new stew.

For instance, one fan asked Hannah on Twitter: “Oh boy. Who will be @hannahferrier_’s 2nd stew? Oh please say it ain’t June June. Maybe Kasey? Julia, Tiffany? Can you give a hint, Hannah?”

Hannah didn’t waste time responding back and she tweeted: “Doesn’t my face give you a hint?!”.

Hannah’s answer is pretty ambiguous but that didn’t stop some fans from trying to find the meaning behind her tweet.

A large number of viewers have suggested that it could be Bugsy, while others said that they would love it if it’s Anastasia.




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