Summer House: Martha’s Vineyard fans are eager to know more about Bria Fleming and her boyfriend, Simon Marco, as the Bravo show airs Sundays at 9 pm. MV kicked off its first episode on May 7 and sees a group of friends all live in a vacation house together.

While the Summer House MV stars are all friends, as with most reality TV shows, it’s not all smooth sailing. Bria showed up at the house with her adorable pup Milo, but her furry friend already causes issues by episode 4. From mixing up Milo’s towels in the dryer to Bria wanting her boyfriend to move into the house, there’s friction from the get-go on the new Bravo series.

Bria Fleming speaks to co-star who is out of shot wearing white tank top
Credit: Bravo YouTube channel

Who is Bria Fleming’s boyfriend?

Bria’s boyfriend is introduced on Summer House: Martha’s Vineyard, although he’s not a full-time cast member on the show.

Her partner is Simon Marco and he hails from Germany.

Simon is 37 years old and can be found on Instagram with 100k followers at @simonmarco_official.

Bria’s boyfriend is an entrepreneur. He shares a link in his bio to a shopping and retail IG page @watchroom24.

Martha’s Vineyard couple met in Cannes

Bria Fleming and her boyfriend, Simon, met at Cannes Film Festival.

After they got together, Bria moved from New York to live with Simon in Germany.

They’ve been together since 2022 and share dog Milo together. Simon writes that he’s Milo’s “dad” on his Instagram bio.

Are Bria and Simon still together?

Yes! Judging by Bria and Simon’s recent Instagram Stories and posts, the two are still together.

During Summer House MV, Bria wants Simon to move into the vacation house, however, the suggestion appears to cause friction in the group.

On May 28, the MV stars both took to Instagram to share that they were enjoying time in Monte Carlo.

Judging by their Stories the couple is having a great time and appear to still be happy together.


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