Who is Brian Benni's girlfriend in 2021? Meet her on Instagram!

Family Karma star Brian Benni has been confirmed by Bravo to be in a serious new relationship, with another woman named Monica.

The Bravo series is back for a second season, as three generations of Indian families who moved to America at the same time are caught on camera.

Nine Indian American friends are followed as they grow up, work hard, fall in love, come out, and break traditions while living in Miami, Florida.

Brian is amongst them, and has revealed that he has a new girlfriend. So, who is she? What happened between him and former Monica?

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Monica Vaswani and Brian: What happened?

Monica Vaswani and Brian Benni are long-time friends, who have known each other since they were children.

During season one, Brian told her he had romantic feelings for her, however she said she wanted to remain friends with him.

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Now, Brian has revealed he is in a relationship with a new woman.

He said he had a bruised ego from how things turned out for him and Monica Vaswani, who now has a boyfriend called Rish.

Who is Brian Benni’s new girlfriend?

  • Monica Shah

Monica is currently a doctor based in Tampa, Florida.

She works as a rheumatology fellow-physician, and was formerly Miss India Florida. Plus, she is a fashion model.

Brian’s new girlfriend was the winner of Miss India Florida 2015!

Looking at her Instagram, she’s also a huge fan of Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Brian and Monica: Relationship

Brian and Monica are reportedly in a “serious” relationship.

They have been dating for six months, and are thought to be giving it a go long-distance, as he is based in Miami – a four-hour drive from her home.

The pair were seen talking through video call, saying they love and miss each other. She also slipped in that his mom has been texting her.

Monica goes on to say she is in a separate group chat with Brian’s mom.

It looks like she couldn’t make his 29th birthday celebrations, as Brian told her he wished she was there with him.



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