Carl Radke is so tall his quiff almost kisses the Summer House ceilings
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Carl Radke is so tall his quiff almost kisses the Summer House ceilings

Star of Summer House Carl Radke appears to tower above his Bravo co-stars, leaving fans curious about exactly how tall he is. We also compared his height to Kyle’s to find out who is tallest.

As the series came back to our screens on January 17th, Carl returned and shared with us his journey on becoming the best version of himself following a difficult summer last year.

Having made the decision to quit drinking, and now confirming he is *spoiler alert* officially dating Lindsay Hubbard, there’s something else catching viewers’ eyes: his tallness.

We found out just how tall Carl really is – come on now, his quiff almost touches the Summer House ceilings.

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How tall is Carl Radke?

Carl is 6 foot 5 tall, which explains why he is much taller than his Summer House co-stars. But the one thing that appears to elevate his height even more is his hair quiff!

Many viewers are seriously impressed by just how tall Carl is, with some even asking him to be their husband as a result. But when he appeared to tower over his fellow cast members during the first episode, there were questions.

He is taller than the average male height in the USA, which is 5 foot 9, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). But adding on that hair? Perhaps this adds on a good few inches to his tallness.

His height compared to Kyle’s tallness

Carl hasn’t just grown in height, but in his mental state, too. Having been sober for six months running during Summer House Season 6 filming, fans are immensely proud of him.

Some fans are comparing their mentalities, but we’re going to focus on just how tall they both are. Kyle Cooke falls significantly shorter than Carl, at a height of 5 foot 11.

When Carl was struggling with alcohol issues in Season 5, some thought the only reason women were attracted to him was for his tallness. But now, attraction levels for the star have skyrocketed for fans, as a result of his sobriety.

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Summer House fans react to Carl’s height

When the premiere episode of Season 6 hit screens on January 17th, the nation went nuts for Carl’s height. His tallness only seemed to be elevated by his quiff. At the time of writing, he shared a photo next to Kyle Cooke.

This only confirms questions about how much taller Carl is compared to him. We can see that Kyle’s quiff just about comes under Carl’s ear, heightening even more just how different their heights are.

The photo led to even more questions about Kyle’s height. One fan wrote: “Lets be honest here… Is Kyle even 5ft tall?

Adding to that, Kyle and Carl’s appearance on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen on January 17th saw him admit his height. A viewer simply said: “Carl is 6’5”?!” before adding a gif of Christina Aguilera fanning her face.



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