Daisy's strong Irish accent is a big indicator as to where the yachty is from

Daisy's strong Irish accent is a big indicator as to where the yachty is from

Daisy Kelliher is most known as one of the newest faces on Below Deck Sailing Yacht after she made her debut on Season 2. Daisy is the chief stewardess of the boat and has recently made her return for season 3 after proving she is very good at her job.

Dasiy captivated the audience last season with her hard work ethic but more so with her heavenly Irish accent that has got fans wondering where exactly the stewardess is from.

Reality Titbit has all the gossip about Daisy, including her home town and her long line of relatives involved in the yachting industry too.

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Corey & Carmella | official trailer

Corey & Carmella | official trailer

Where is Daisy from?

Daisy is 33-years-old and was born in bred in the capital city of Ireland, Dubin. Due to her family history in yachting – and the dire Irish weather probably – Daisy decided to up and leave Dublin for a life travelling the world on a sailing yacht.

Daisy was loved in Season 2 for being practically the opposite of the previous chief stew, Jenna. Daisy is back for season 3 after a successful previous season and will continue as the chief stewardess and head of the interior team.

Daisy is much more likeable than Jen but still knows when to put her foot down and has often been called “abrasive” by the exterior team. – We still love her though!

Daisy comes from a long line of yachties

Yachting is in her blood, dating all the way back to her grandfather with many people in her family being either a yachty or a sailor.

According to Bravo TV, daisy’s grandfather was a sailor for team Ireland in the 1964 Olympics. Her mom and dad also became obsessed with the yachting world when they joined the Laoghaire Yacht Club when Daisy was growing up.

Aside from her granddad and mum and dad, any of Daisy’s aunts and uncles are also part of the industry.

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Daisy originally question doing the show

Daisy, having never been on reality TV before, was undeniably nervous to do the show. Aside from not being on TV before, Daisy had also been spending the past few months at home and jobless due to the covid pandemic so up and leaving to be on TV on a boat in Croatia seemed a little intense.

Her friends managed to encourage her and highlighted how much of an amazing opportunity it would be and eventually Daisy agreed.

Daisy now says she is very thankful that she decided to do it and has made some special connections and friendships with the others on the boat. She and her other stewardesses’, Alli and Dani, now have an IGTV series called Pita Party where they discuss what went on behind closed doors during the season.



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