Below Deck Sailing Yacht isn’t just staff working on a boat, as the show also delves into the cast member’s lives… Who is Dani’s baby daddy?

Captain Glenn Shephard and his crew are followed, as they set sail across the Ionian Sea waters – showing us behind the scenes of the yachting world.

In a Bravo episode back in May 2021, Dani Soares reportedly revealed her “drunk days on a yacht” are over, after viewers found out that she is pregnant.

So, after the shock reveal, fans are wondering who the father of Dani’s baby is. Let’s look through some theories in a bid to find out who he is.

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Fans react to Dani’s pregnancy reveal

After Dani told the world she was pregnant in an Instagram post, it didn’t take long for Below Deck fans to react.

One fan wrote on Twitter: “This is soo interesting!”

While another said: “This is a pivot I did not see coming.”

It looks like the shock reveal was not expected, with several sharing their theories on who they think the baby daddy could be…

However, some viewers thought she had been acting different, and the potential reason behind it seemed to be confirmed by her pregnancy reveal.

Who is the father of Dani’s baby?

  • Jean-Luc Cerza Lanaux is the father of Dani’s baby.

Several fans have said they found out Jean-Luc is the baby daddy. However, he recently revealed he did not know he was the father, until a DNA test proved the speculation.

Dani had written in an Instagram caption (which showed her pregnancy bump): “It’s just you and I little baby.”

She recently suggested the father won’t be in the picture, this is all thought to have happened after the recent Below Deck Sailing Yacht season was filmed.

Dani herself had previously not revealed who the baby daddy is, but the man himself has since confirmed the rumors. It comes after she made Jean-Luc jealous by getting romantically involved with co-star Alli.

The trailer for the previous season saw Dani telling Jean-Luc:

The more I get to know you, I like you more. Let’s have s*x tonight and if I get pregnant then that’s God’s will!

Dani and Alli: What happened?

Dani kissed Alli Dore on a recent episode. She usually works as the second stewardess alongside co-stars Daisy and Alli.

It happened after Jean-Luc complained about the mess his fellow crew members made during a night off.

Dani tried to make him feel better, but it didn’t work – so she went off and kissed Alli with hopes to make him jealous.



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