Danielle Cabral was on MTV show True Life before making her debut on RHONJ. Fans instantly recognized the newbie when she first appeared on The Real Housewives of New Jersey season 13.

It’s not Danielle’s first television stint who actually soared to fame on True Life. At the time, she was known by her maiden name, Danielle Depetrio, but has since gotten married to her longtime husband Nate Cabral.

Wondering how she got onto True Life and what she’s been up to since then? The TV personality has certainly fulfilled the show’s name by sharing her own reality on RHONJ more than a decade after her appearance.

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New Jersey fans recognize Danielle

Danielle had RHONJ viewers’ minds ticking when she made her debut on the Bravo series’ season 13 premiere on February 7. Many instantly recognized her from a reality show and realized she was on MTV’s True Life.

One fan wrote: “Reminder that we first met Danielle Cabral, the new Housewife on #RHONJ, as a 21-year-old aspiring actress trying to drop her accent in 2006’s TRUE LIFE: I’M A STATEN ISLAND GIRL.”

Another penned on Twitter: “DANIELLE. I’m like do I know her have I seen her?? YEP, she was on True Life on MTV. True Life: I’m a Staten Island girl, love it #RHONJ.”

“Does nobody remember Danielle from MTV’s True Life I’m a Staten Island girl?! #RHONJ,” reacted a fellow viewer.

Danielle Cabral on True Life

Danielle was on True Life in 2006, where she became known in the TV world as the Staten Island girl. She was just 21 years old at the time and was often remembered for her unique accent.

It was MTV’s highest-rated True Life episode, Danielle claims on her blog. After filming a few follow-up episodes and hosting shows for MTV, the star decided to move to Los Angeles to pursue a career in TV and film.

After her move to LA, she met her now-husband Nate Cabral who she tied the knot with in 2012. That same year, they filmed an eight-episode series Family Under Construction on the DIY Network of the remodel of their first home.

She’s now a RHONJ cast member

Danielle is now on RHONJ after almost two decades in the television industry since True Life. While in Los Angeles, she filmed multiple independent and feature films as well as connecting with a slew of industry contacts.

She claimed that, back then, being from New York helped her stand out, and therefore she would audition for hosting gigs (the biggest being an EXTRA correspondent) with her TV remote control.

Danielle now has four businesses and two children and made her mark on RHONJ season 13. She also began blogging on Instagram as well as YouTube to “share the honest chaos that is “adulting” and raising kids.”



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