David Pascoe's painful leg injury on Below Deck Med explained

David Pascoe's painful leg injury on Below Deck Med explained

Below Deck cameras have been documenting crew member David Pascoe’s painful leg injury, but what actually happened to him?

During the September 20 episode, the Bravo star’s injured leg gets the better of him, leaving Malia – who recently hurt her finger – in hot water.

The incident took place out at sea, which has since led to David’s explanation about how he kept working on the boat afterwards.

Reality Titbit has dived into the truth to find out what really happened to his leg, and if the Below Deck Medditeranean star has recovered.

Your First Look at Below Deck Mediterranean Season 6 | Bravo

Your First Look at Below Deck Mediterranean Season 6 | Bravo

What happened to David Pascoe’s leg?

David fell over while trying to leave the hot tub during a crew night off.

He had been trying to chase after co-star Delaney Evans, who had been flirting with him in the tub.

He was left with a limp and large bruise on his thigh, which led to Captain Sandy telling Malia off for not alerting her about his injury.

Shortly after his initial fall, David also tried to do a difficult yoga pose with Delaney, before falling over again on the same night.

How is David from Below Deck Med’s leg?

Since the fall, David has reassured fans that his leg is now fine.

When Sandy initially asked what was going on with him, he replied that it was just a bruise, so it looked like he was not too bothered.

In the Below Deck Med After Show, Malia said David would have probably been fired if he followed through with what he was intending to do.

He had initially planned to climb up the mast – so really, falling over basically saved his job on the Lady Michelle!

David told his Instagram followers:

My bruised leg may have looked severe but it did not hinder my work and I was never going to let down the crew and call it quits.

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David Pascoe’s other injuries on board

David recently opened up about several other injuries, including a huge head cut that he sustained while out on the water.

This happened while riding a hydrofoil, an electric surfboard that raises out of the water and appears to hover above it.

He was stitched up by a “qualified” person on a beach, as he had been stranded away from medical care, on a boat with no access to land.

Other injuries that David has sustained in his life include losing fingers and fracturing his spine, along with several scars.



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