Izzy Wouters left her crew members worried when she didn’t feel well on Below Deck. So did she have Covid-19?

The on-board crew member started to feel unwell when she woke up on the morning of March 1, with a sore throat, body aches and a sicky taste.

It comes after the previous episode reintroduced that she has an autoimmune disorder, leaving viewers worried about Izzy.

So why did Izzy feel unwell? Did she have Covid?

Screenshot: Izzy Walks In On James & Elizabeth’s Heated ‘Cuddling Session’ | Season 8 | Below Deck, hayu Youtube

Izzy starts to feel unwell onboard

After Izzy wakes up feeling unwell, she continues to try to work.

While the rest of her co-stars ride jet skis and drink, Eddie sends Izzy down early, which is when she rings her sister.

She shares her worries of having Guillain-Barré syndrome, a disorder which involves the body’s immune system attacking the nerves.

Izzy was previously paralysed from the syndrome’s effects, which can cause numbness, weakness and pain in the hands, limbs and feet.

While feeling unwell, she walked in on James and Elizabeth’s heated ‘cuddling session’, just before telling the camera that she wanted to sleep.

Fans react to Izzy being unwell

Many viewers have stayed on Izzy’s side during the situation, and feel for her having to work while feeling unwell.

Some fans have said they would be just as annoyed as her if they walked in on the same situation – and others are seriously worried about her illness.

Although, several Twitter users think she’s being unnecessarily grumpy…

Did Izzy on Below Deck get Covid?

  • No

Izzy cleared up the worries about her potentially having Covid on Twitter, by responding to a fan on the social media site.

A viewer wrote: “These producers keep wanting us to believe Izzy has COVID when showing clips of her coughing and congested only to reveal later it’s just a cold. #belowdeck.”

Izzy replied: “It was a bit more than a cold but not Covid.”

Another fan asked if it was a “sinus and ear infection and sore throat”, to which Izzy said: “1/3, keep the guesses coming.”



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