Do Porsha and Lauren Williams have the same mom?

Do Porsha and Lauren Williams have the same mom?

Porsha and Lauren Williams are the sisters of RHOA and Family Matters. However, the question of whether they have the same mom is quite simply baffling fans of the sibling duo.

As Porsha’s own show gets well underway every Sunday night, she shares an insight into her family life, including her relationship with sister Lauren and mother Diane T. Williams.

It’s already known that Porsha’s father Hosea Williams II passed away when she was a teenager. The history of their family is regularly spoken on the series, but some are still confused about who Lauren’s mom is.

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Do Porsha and Lauren Williams have the same mom?

No, Porsha’s mother is Diane T. Williams, while her younger half-sister Lauren has a different mother.

Lauren’s mom can be seen attending a family barbecue during Porsha’s Family Matters episode 2.

Porsha is six years older than Lauren, which means that Lauren was much younger when she experienced the loss of their father.

Although Lauren and Porsha have different mothers, speaking on her podcast, Porsha has commended her mother for managing to co-parent so well in the past.

Who is Lauren Williams’ mom?

Lauren Williams’ mom is called Lisa, who has made a small appearance on Family Matters. She gave birth to Lauren in 1988, four years after she got married to Hosea Williams II.

The daughter-mother duo are often seen travelling together with their family. They also continue to live in the same house they lived in 32 years ago!

Lauren is also close to her sister Porsha’s mother Diane. She is considered a grandmother to Lauren’s daughter Bailey.

Now a widow, Lisa took over the chemical business that she ran with Hosea.

Porsha and Lauren’s late father

Porsha Williams’ dad was Hosea Williams II, who passed away when the sisters were in their teenage years.

Hosea Williams II was the eldest son of civil rights activist Hosea Williams. Porsha can be seen in old photographs with her grandfather, Hosea Williams, standing alongside Martin Luther King Jr.

Speaking to Bravo’s Daily Dish in 2019, Porsha said: “I lost my father years ago — he was a really special man. It’s hard at times, but keeping his memory alive is important to me.

Lauren has also spoken about her father publicly. She wrote on Instagram: “Very early on, I lost my protector and ever since, I’ve struggled with feeling safe.

She also said her father protected her innocence “till the end”.



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