Kelley Johnson has been the topic of conversation among Below Deck fans, after his name was brought up again. So is he all loved up now?

He was on the Bravo reality series for two seasons, until he moved on and decided to make a departure from the TV industry.

Viewers were recently reminded of Kelley when his name got brought up on the November 16th episode, five years since his last appearance.

Now a photographer, he was much adored by several fans, who thought his abs were just to die for. We looked at where his now, and if he’s got a beau.

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Below Deck | Season 9 First Look | Bravo

Below Deck | Season 9 First Look | Bravo

Does Kelley have a girlfriend?

Nope, there is no sign of a romantic person in Kelley’s life.

He was quite the ladies’ man during his time on Below Deck, but appears to be focusing on his job as a photographer instead.

In 2016, Kelley ended a serious relationship before joining the Bravo show. Since then, he’s had a few romantic flings, but nothing as consistent.

There’s also no sign of a ring on his finger in recent photos, which confirms that he isn’t married to anyone just yet.

Kelley’s past yacht romances

Kelley has had his fair share of romances on the water, such as confessing his feelings for stewardess Emily Warburton-Ada.

However, this never led anywhere. Actually, she went on to have her own romance with Below Deck co-star Ben Robinson.

The most serious romance Kelley had was with deckhand Jennice Ontiveros, but they didn’t make it last in the real world. They had even spoke about moving in together on land!

He admitted he had been nasty to her in the heat of the moment, and that they haven’t spoke since the Season 4 reunion.

They argued on the reunion about each other’s activity on social media, which suggested one of them may have been unfaithful.

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Why did Kelley leave Below Deck?

Kelley reportedly left in season four due to acrimonious circumstances.

He was actually asked to return to the series – more than once, but revealed the stress, monetary aspects and negativity from fans held him back.

Kelley is still working in yachting and has moved up in rank, currently captaining his own boat.

The former star told Showbiz Cheatsheet:

For me, it’s a situation of like trying to stop a waterfall with an umbrella. The negativity is just going to get you at some point. And for me, the monetary value that they pay the crew members just isn’t enough for how long you have to deal with the show.



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