Does Raquel from Vanderpump Rules have a glass eye?
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Does Raquel from Vanderpump Rules have a glass eye?

As Bravo’s party of the year R-Chella played out on screens – including James’ proposal to Raquel – some wondered if she has a glass eye.

The Vanderpump Rules cast members are just a normal group of waitresses and waiters who have their own private lives to navigate.

And we get to see all the drama emerge as they face issues, blossoming friendships, and romances on and off-shift at the Sexy Unique Restaurant.

When the stars gathered for R-Chella, Raquel’s big birthday bash, it looked like she had a glass eye – a question that fans have been asking for years.

Vanderpump Rules | Season 9 First Look Trailer | Bravo

Vanderpump Rules | Season 9 First Look Trailer | Bravo

Fans question Raquel’s glass eye

Raquel Leviss has been questioned for potentially having a glass eye since as far back as 2019, shortly after becoming a main cast member.

Since then, Bravo viewers have not stopped wondering if she really has a glass eye, or if the speculation is purely just made up.

The rumors began around the time that her now-fiance James Kennedy, who proposed to her on the recent episode, had allegedly cheated on her.

One fan wrote: “If Raquel doesn’t want to hear about James’s cheating, maybe she should get a glass ear to match her glass eye. #PumpRules#JusticeForLogan.”

Another said: “y’all i feel so stupid asking this but does Raquel actually have a glass eye or is that just a long running joke that i was not aware of lol I’m genuinely confused #PumpRules.”

Does Raquel Leviss have a glass eye?

It has not been confirmed that Raquel has a glass eye. So far, it appears that viewers may often jokily say she has one.

The star does not appear to have a glass eye, as both of her eyes look the same, while glass eyes tend to look quite different to a natural eye.

She is often called a “Bambi-eye b**ch”, following her heated argument with co-star Lala Kent. Raquel felt she had implied she was dumb.

More likely, fans wonder if Raquel has a glass eye due to her large, striking eyes, but there is no evidence of the Bravo star confirming these rumors.

Her castmates often make fun of the way she dresses and how she speaks, so it appears to be a long-running joke that she has a glass eye.

Has the Bravo star had surgery?

Yes, Raquel is thought to have had lip filler, and Botox done on her face.

There is speculation that she has also had cheek filler, but these procedures are currently unconfirmed by the Vanderpump Rules star.

Some rumors also say that she may have got a nose job, as it looks “so tiny” compared to how it previously appeared.



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