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Dolores Catania shares emotional post with her mother after heart scare

“She’s in danger of a heart attack at any minute.” Those were words spoken by Dolores Catania during RHONJ, as we watch her go through the emotional turmoil of a daughter whose mother is facing a health scare.

The Bravo star’s family have occasionally featured on the reality show, but the usual drama of the series came to a tear-jerking moment when Dolores revealed that doctors planned to crack her mom’s chest open.

Her mother Valerie Spagnola’s health issues are apparent throughout season 11, and fans are now praying she has recovered, months on since filming took place. We got to know Dolores’ mom’s background and how she is now.

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RHONJ: Valerie’s health scare

Valerie revealed to Dolores that she visits the doctor once every three years. Her daughter was told by doctors that she could have a heart attack and that they would need to “crack her chest open.”

Dolores received a call about her mother on RHONJ, to which she responded: “You’re f***ing kidding me.”

Her mom had a stress test done, and then a following test to find out she had a 90% blockage. Valerie had to undergo bypass surgery in order for her to live a longer life.

Looking at Dolores’ Instagram, Valerie now looks like she has been nursed back to health. Her grandmother, Elizabeth Spagnola, died of a heart attack in 2017 at the age of 104, according to Radar Online.

Fans relieved for Dolores Catania’s mom

After learning about Dolores Catania’s mom’s health scare, RHONJ viewers were seriously concerned. Many took to the star’s Instagram page – and Twitter – to share their well wishes and pray for Valerie.

Looking through social media, there are thousands of hopes for the reality TV personality’s mother. One Instagram comment reads: “Hope your sweet Mama is doing better now.

Another was pleased to see Valeria looking well, and told Dolores: “Your Mom is SO sweet! Thank God she’s healthy.”

Your mom kind of reminds me of my mom looks wise. You’re so fortunate that nothing final happened to her. Just keep loving on her, your both great women! Love Valerie always!! Blessings,” wrote a viewer.

Get to know Dolores’ parents

Catania was born to Lawrence and Valerie Spagnola in Paterson, New Jersey. They have been married for years but live separately. Her father became the chief of police in 1998, when he moved to Paterson, while Valerie stayed in Totowa.

She told Bravo about her parent’s relationship:

My parents still stayed married, they do everything a traditional married couple does, they just don’t live together. You know what? That works for them.

With her mom always teaching her to be self-sufficient, Dolores grew up as one of five siblings and learned that non-traditional relationships can also work. Both her mother and father were both present on the March 8th episode.

They don’t just have five children, but are also dog parents (Valerie was seen feeding the furry pet on the show!). Many remember Dolores’ mom for throwing Holy water on Frank, who thought their dog was weeing on him.



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