Who is Eboni Williams’ ‘sister’? Potential half-sibling Ashley reached out!

Who is Eboni Williams' 'sister'? Potential half-sibling Ashley reached out!

Eboni Williams has been letting cameras follow her journey to uncover who her sister could be, and it looks like she might have found her.

The RHONY cast member has also been opening up to her co-stars about her family, having only grown up with a mom and grandmother.

Amid searching through her late father’s roots, she came across a message on Instagram, in which someone called Ashley claimed to be her sister.

She had revealed to her fellow cast members that her mom was “the only blood family” she has got left, but that all changed when Ashley popped up.

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Who is Eboni Williams’ potential sister?

  • A woman called Ashley claims to be Eboni’s half-sister

Eboni recently got a DNA test, after Ashley revealed she thinks she could be the RHONY star’s father’s daughter, too.

It comes after it was revealed that Ashley messaged Eboni on Instagram a year ago, claiming to be her sister.

The housewife called Ashley, asking her why she thinks she is her sister, who responded by saying her picture was on her grandmother’s mantel.

She added that her father and other family members had informed her that she has an older sister, who she was led to believe is Eboni.

RHONY: Get to know Ashley

Ashley is a young woman claiming to be Eboni’s younger sister.

She informed Eboni that the man who Ashley believes to be both their father, had passed. Since then, Ashley agreed to get a DNA test.

The test will hopefully uncover if she and Eboni do actually share the same father, a man named Kenneth.

During a call with each other, Ashley told her:

I appreciate you, Ashley, for being willing to go through this journey with me. I realize the little bit of family I have is dwindling, and before it’s too late, Ashley, I want to make every effort – at least the effort – to see if I have additional family out there.

She added: “Even when you told me Kenneth had passed, that didn’t even really deter me, because it’s still family.”

Ashley was described by Eboni as “beautiful”. Their call took place after many long years of rumors about her family – since she was six years old.

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RHONY: Eboni’s childhood and roots

Eboni was raised by a single mother during her childhood.

She grew up in Louisiana with mom Gloria J. Williams. Eboni’s mom and grandmother were the “only family she had”.

Eboni told Bravo Insider:

I think I carried a lot of shame around family coming into that experience with the healer, because I grew up with a single mother. I never knew my father; not only didn’t know him, didn’t even know who he was. So I had no identity as it related to my paternity.

She also revealed that her mom empowered her as a kid, and said reading books about the Black experience was a big part of her life as a kid.

Eboni revealed her grandmother had passed before she had acall with Ashley, which she thought left her mom as the only blood relative she had.



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