Season 13 of Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles premiered today (September 2) and the star of the show, Tracy Tutor, introduced the viewers to her new beau, Erik Anderson! 

While fans were happy to learn about the 46-year-old real estate broker’s love life, what left many wondering was the age difference the couple shares.

If you’re curious as well to learn more about Erik, let us tell you all about his age, profession and everything else we know! 

What is Erik Anderson’s age?

  • Erik Anderson is 26, 20 years younger than Tracy Tutor.

The realtor herself revealed her boyfriend’s age on national television when asked by the producer. She said on camera, “I’m, like, you know, a cougar.”

But, she’s not bothered about the massive age gap as Erik seems to have formed a close bond with her two daughters, Juliet and Scarlett, aged 15 and 13 respectively. She further noted that he “isn’t pretending to father them or be anything other than my boyfriend.”

Apparently, Erik gets ice cream among other stuff for her two children, which she said she would never do. 

What does Tracy’s Tutor’s boyfriend do?

Erik is a private and semi-private gym trainer based in Los Angeles.

He trains people only through referral and met Tracy during one of the sessions. Erik also has his own website called The Body Shop, which sells limited workout equipment and offers an online fitness program. 

Erik is a celebrity in his own right with over 37,400 followers on Instagram. His page mostly features pictures of him training, along with a few snaps with Tracy from their trips and outings. 

Tracy revealed during the season premiere that she met her current boyfriend when they were training together and their friendship eventually morphed into a romantic relationship. 

The Circle | Season 3 Official Trailer | Netflix

The Circle | Season 3 Official Trailer | Netflix

Realtor’s previous marriage explored

For the uninitiated, Tracy was previously married to Jason Maltas when she first appeared on the show with an all-male cast in 2017.

She had confessed on the show that their marriage was experiencing some trouble as she was finding it hard to strike a balance between personal and professional life. 

However, the marriage didn’t last long as she filed for divorce from Jason in early 2018.

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