Teresa Giudice is best known for her glamorous lifestyle on The Real Housewives of New Jersey, but the current season has Bravo viewers less than impressed for the star having ‘no storyline.’

Rumor has it that Joe Giudice’s sister Teresa could be exiting the show, after we saw her become incredibly upset over people gossiping about fiance Luis Ruelas. Over the years though, she’s had her fair share of drama on TV.

From flipping a table to entering prison in 2015, Bravo documented how Teresa’s family dealt with her absence in a spin-off show. However, when she turned off her mic in a recent episode, rumors about a ‘firing’ began to spread.

Plus, the idea Teresa has ‘no storyline’ during this season has seen fans urge her to leave entirely. We’ve got the lowdown on whether she has plans to stay and what viewers are saying about the RHONJ star.

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Fans think Teresa should leave RHONJ

Although many viewers see Teresa as a fan favorite, some are calling on her to leave RHONJ for what they deem to be ‘no storyline.’ It’s not just Miss Giudice but also stars like Jennifer who are being urged to make their exit.

She needs to be fired!!! I can’t stand her or Teresa bringing the show down! #RHONJ“, Tweeted a fan.

One wrote: “Her husband to be doesn’t even want to be on TV. He didn’t even make it 5 episodes without complaining about his privacy & refusing to film. Enjoy her cooking show.

Others claimed that her OG status could be reason her cast members don’t stand up to her. They said:

Anyone who goes against Teresa loses their job. Notice how many people have been fired from the show because she can’t handle them standing up to her, including her own family? #rhonj.

Another said that she “should have been fired years ago” while there are many who have her back. Looking through Twitter, there were several posts which stated they would stop watching if Teresa left the show.

“If Teresa is fired there is no #RHONJ #WILLBOYCOTT“, a fan wrote on Twitter.

She turned off her mic mid-filming

OG housewife Teresa hosted a barbecue party, but received an unexpected call from fiance Luis. He told her he no longer wanted to attend the event as he was uncomfortable being around the other cast members.

The suspiciousness from fans only arose when she decided to turn off her mic during the phone conversation. A producer then asked Teresa what her and Luis were talking about.

She explained that Luis was angry at her co-stars because he thought they were gossiping and talking about him behind his back, and he wanted to know why they were doing that.

Teresa then told the camera crew to stop filming her – despite being on a reality show – and swore, before exiting the house. She said that while she is a public figure, he isn’t, so people should “respect his privacy and leave him out.”

While some viewers think she has ‘no storyline’ this season, others think this situation may have led her to leave the show completely in a bid to protect her fiance’s privacy.

Has Teresa Giudice been fired?

No, the rumors that Teresa Giudice have not been confirmed by Bravo. During 2021, she was terrified she could be axed from the show unless she caused some drama, Page Six reports.

She said that her castmate Jackie Goldschneider’s husband had cheated this season. But sources revealed she never heard this, and that she “made up the story because Bravo has been getting rid of original ‘Housewives’.”

Teresa has been a cast member on RHONJ since 2009, and is well-paid for her appearance. Despite a few fans saying she has “no storyline”, she’s kept up her popularity among many other viewers for years. A source said:

Teresa is the highest paid ‘Housewife.’ If they get rid of her, it’s because they pay her too much and her act is no longer worth it, but she’s been a franchise favorite forever.



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