Since the intense season 9 reunion of Vanderpump Rules, fans have been patiently waiting for any talk on the potential for season 10. Though we have still not heard if a new season has been confirmed by the franchise the network apparently does has something similar on the cards.

Rumours have been circulating that the infamous show may be cancelled, however, a blind has revealed that there may be a new spin-off on the horizon, and Andy Cohen’s slip up on Watch What Happens Live seems to confirm the rumour even more.

Keep reading to find out about the supposedly greenlit new VPR spin-off as well the other rumours suggesting an OG cast member’s new show.

The Way Down | Part 2 Official Trailer | HBO Max

The Way Down | Part 2 Official Trailer | HBO Max
Lala Kent. Picture: Everything That Happened This Season | Season 9 | Vanderpump Rules

Vanderpump Rules set for spin-off season

In March a blind sent some interesting information into DeuxMoi, saying that the network was apparently launching a VPR spin-0ff, with Lala Kent as one of the stars. The blind read:

Word on the street is that this popular Bravo spinoff is getting the axe, despite two main characters splitting. But due to another network crossover, they’ve learned that it’s smart to play one character on a new show — still in planning mode, but the lead atm is a certain mistress (new mom) done wrong.

Blind, DeuxMoi

The show is apparently called Vanderpump Valley

There seems to be even more backbone to the claims as on 11 April during a Watch What Happens Live episode, Lala was introduced on the show as the star of Vanderpump Valley, not Vanderpump Rules, which sent fans into a frenzy on social media.

After an advertisement break, Andy Cohen re-introduced the mother and reality star as the Vanderpump Valley star, whether this was an accident or a little teaser.

The blind published a statement on Bravo and Cocktails that said:

After a disaster of a season, Bravo is rebooting the once triumphant Vanderpump Rules franchise. The plan is simple for the network. Rest the OG show for a year, and give Leva Boneparte’s Southern Charm spin off the time slot. The second part of the plan is to launch ‘Vanderpump Valley,’ a spin-off starring the OG couples and fan favourites as they navigate their lives as adults and no longer Sur employees.

Blind, Bravo and Cocktails

VPR is set to continue with a complete recast

Aside from the potential new show, the anonymous source said that Pump Rules wasn’t necessarily being cancelled but completely recast and re-launched in 2023.

However, Bravo and Cocktails also claim that the OG cast members are set to come back for their own spin-off, the blind read:

So, word is that Shah’s isn’t the only spin-off in the works. There’s another one that is being talked about. You had a blind about a certain cancelled bar star. It’s unclear if the network would take the flack and bring her back but this spin-off is definitely focused on where this crew is NOW in their lives.

Blind, Bravo and Cocktails



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