Below Deck Down Under’s Thalassa Yacht brings a new form of travel to Bravo screens. The spin-off, based in Australia, is quite literally a water baby’s dream – with a movie theatre and beauty salon filling two of its rooms.

We already know that the crew members on Below Deck get a hefty tip, and that’s on top of the pricey five-star service charter guests expect to receive. So when it comes to the yacht’s facilities, they are nothing short of a dream.

Starting from 310K euros to purchase an entire yacht for yourself, the experience will set guests back around $223,000 or more in expenses for a week. The Thalassa, otherwise known as Keri Lee III, accommodates up to 12 guests.

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Inside Below Deck’s Thalassa Yacht

With room for 12 guests across six cabins, the 2001-built super yacht includes a master suite, one VIP cabin and four double cabins. With four king beds and two doubles, its interior styling by Claudette Bonville shines throughout.

Beauty and hair treatments are on offer for anyone wanting to look their most glamorous, while a movie theater is casually filling up one room so charter guests can have a massive movie night.

A jacuzzi to relax in, a well-equipped gym and a selection of water toys means you will never get bored aboard the Thalassa Yacht. That’s not all, as they also have access to WiFi, air conditioning and five-star food cooked by a chef!

Prices of the Keri Lee III

Seasonal charter rates to ride the Keri Lee III start from $310K a week, plus expenses. Prices remain the same regardless of whether you are on-board during the summer or winter months, on the South Pacific, Asutralia.

However, the expectation is for guests to pay more – when it comes to tips. As reported by The Express, the tipping policy usually implies guests can give the crew 20 per cent of the full price of the yacht fee.

If Below Deck guests don’t want to travel during high season – including summer or winter – it usually costs them $275,000 per week, according to Cheatsheet. But to specifically go on the Keri Lee III, the high season is $350K weekly.

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Fans react to Down Under’s service

When Below Deck Down Under first hit Peacock, viewers couldn’t believe the breakfast being served for the hefty prices charter guests pay. While the crew aim to provide a five-star service, some fans didn’t think it was of high quality.

Looking through Twitter, it’s clear that many wouldn’t want to pay for the quality of the food served during the first episode. However, the actual service by crew members – like Aesha – was incredibly welcomed.

One fan wrote: “Aesha is so funny, free-spirited, charismatic and such a breath of fresh air whenever she is on the screen. She is great as chief stew and hope she is around for many seasons.”

Another said: “This man just cooked burgers, steaks, and tacos for the yacht guests and he has the ego he has??? Lmao.”

If I was served eggs & Canadian bacon, burgers, and tacos for breakfast, lunch and dinner on a super yacht in Australia I’d be furious #BelowDeckDownUnder“, a viewer reacted to the episode.



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