As Winter House’s Jason Cameron appears on Summer House, fans are eager to know whether him dating Gizelle Bryant was just a rumor, or if there is truth to the romance. Well, thank Bravo for Andy Cohen, as he’s got an update from the Real Housewives star.

When he isn’t too busy getting the dirt from the Vanderpump Rules cast, Andy Cohen is grilling the Real Housewives, including Gizelle Bryant, and asking all the questions fans are dying to know.

We take a look at everything we know about the Bravo crossover.

Gizelle Bryant and Jason are ‘great’

Speaking to Andy Cohen on WWHL on March 26, RHOP star provided Bravo viewers with an update on the romance with Winter House star.

Of course, you can always rely on Cohen to get the dirt on the Bravo cast. “How’s Jason, your boyfriend,” the WWHL host asked. However, Gizelle hesitated to answer replying: “It’s a title?” 

The host wasn’t letting the Real Housewives star get out of it that quickly as he then rephrased the question to: “How’s Jason, your man?” This time, Gizellle answered: “Jason’s great.” 

Earlier on in the romance, the RHOP star told Today: “He’s a great guy, and we have a lot of fun.”

The pair have been ‘dating’ since January

Rumors began flying about the pair when a fan spotted the two over dinner in January. They then went public at the premiere for Summer House season 7.

Although the pair are yet to fully go ‘Instagram official’ Gizelle Bryant only follows 291 people on the platform, one of these being Winter House star Jason.

Many fans have been wondering about the age difference between the two. Gizelle is 52 years old, while Jason is 16 years her junior at 36.

Fans are torn on Gizelle Bryant and Jason Cameron’s romance

Although many fans are loving the Bravo crossover, others aren’t too keen.

“You go Ms Bryant!!! You deserve a nice cool good guy like this guy,” wrote one.

“YOU GO GIZELLE she deserves a good man just as much as any other woman out there. And honestly, I’m glad it’s Jason, he’s such a nice genuine guy,” wrote another fan.

However, it wasn’t all positive.

“As much as I would like them both to find love, I don’t think this is right,” said one concerned fan.

“Her new storyline!!” wrote another.

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