Hannah and Luke had a romance in season 4 of Summer House, and now that the fifth season has begun, fans want to find out their status.

The Bravo series places several cameras on the Hamptons home, to follow a group of ten friends who can fully let loose for six weeks.

It’s likely that a romance or two happens inside the Summer House, which seemed to be on the cards for Hannah and Luke last season.

So where are they now? Are the Summer House stars still together?

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Hannah and Luke on Summer House

Hannah Berner and Luke Gulbranson hooked up during season 4.

He asked her on a date, before later admitting he had feelings for her, which led to them sharing a kiss.

They were then speaking for 7 months.

It appeared that they were in a near-relationship, despite some arguments, but didn’t talk for two and a half weeks during the season.

She revealed that she did not end up going to Minnesota with him after the summer, adding that they never slept together.

Are Hannah and Luke still together?

  • No

During the season 4 Summer House reunion, it was revealed that Hannah and Luke are not together.

Their romance fizzled out over the summer, as reported by Bravo.

Looking back at their romance, she says she has “no regrets” about hooking up with him, and said they “really respect each other”.

Although their near-relationship ended, they both remain friends!

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Where is Hannah now?

Hannah is now dating comedian Des Bishop, 45, who she moved in with in November 2020.

The couple, who have a 15-year age gap between them, met at a comedy club six years ago, before he decided to DM her.

They have now been together for almost a year.

Has Luke got a new girlfriend?

Luke has turned up to season 5 with a new lady called Ciara Miller.

They may reportedly end up having a romance inside the Summer House later in the season, which could cause drama.

Luke and Ciara are currently staying in separate rooms, so it looks like they are currently just friends at this point in the series.



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