Has Dorit Kemsley had a nose job? Younger pics explored
Screenshot: Dorit Kemsley, First Look at The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 11 Reunion | Bravo YouTube

Has Dorit Kemsley had a nose job? Younger pics explored

When The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills season 11 part two reunion aired all the drama of the past few months, Dorit distracted viewers…

The Bravo star’s face appeared different to fans, who noticed that her nose seems to have had a transformation since filming the past season.

Dorit Kemsley, along with her co-stars – such as Erika Jayne – has often been subjected to surgery and filler rumors during their time on RHOBH.

We explored younger pictures of Dorit to see how her transformation has taken place over time, and found out if she really got a nose job.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills | Still to Come Trailer | Bravo

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills | Still to Come Trailer | Bravo

RHOBH viewers react to Dorit’s nose

When Dorit claimed she had not had a nose job, viewers weren’t convinced.

All over Twitter shows fans rolling their eyes at the RHOBH star’s claims at the season 11 part two reunion, where she denied changing her nose.

One fan wrote: “Dorit is going to hell for lying on god’s name saying she’s never had a nose job #RHOBH.”

Another said: “So is denying a nose job Dorit’s way of acknowledging her lip filler? #RHOBH#RHOBHReunion.”

“Dorit you had a nose job!!!! It is clear your nose is completely different!!

“Like plastic surgeons now want everyone’s nose to look like a dot so he probably thinks you could use another one that in no way proves she didn’t have a nose job #RHOBH,” said a viewer.

Has Dorit Kemsley had a nose job?

Dorit Kemsley has consistently denied claims she ever got a nose job.

This includes turning to co-star Kyle Richards to back her up, saying as far back as June – and now on the reunion – that she’s never had nose surgery.

However, she is thought to have admitted wanting one in the past.

More proof took place when Dorit and her friend Kyle introduced Dr. Ben Talei as one of the “the best, best face plastic surgeons in Los Angeles.”

It was shared on her Instagram story, which showed Kyle asking the doctor to say whether or not he thinks Dorit has had a nose job.

The expert quickly replied that there’s — in his professional opinion — “zero f–king chance.” Well, some fans beg to differ.

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Dorit’s younger pictures

Dorit’s nose has certainly appeared to change over the years, especially when looking at her younger pictures.

Her nose looked much wider and less thin when she was younger, and it’s unlikely that facial features would have changed much since being a teen.

There is no document evidence online that Dorit, 45, has had a nose job.

It is possible she may have had nose filler to change its appearance, which technically isn’t classed as surgery.

Her nose looks significantly different in this picture (below), posted to her Instagram in May earlier this year.

And of course, pictures circulating the net show Dorit in her teenage years highlight the appearance change in her nose.



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