Heather Altman's face has seriously changed since Million Dollar Listing


Heather Altman's face has seriously changed since Million Dollar Listing

Heather Altman has been hit with surgery rumors since Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles returned to our screens. We done some digging to find out whether she has had any work done…

It’s no secret that Josh’s wife is incredibly successful when it comes to real estate, but there is one thing distracting Bravo viewers: whether Heather has gone under the knife recently.

Most reality TV stars are used to speculation about their appearance, and it’s no different for Heather. Each Thursday, many viewers have been scrambling to see how she looked pre-MDLLL.

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Has Heather Altman had plastic surgery?

In 2014 there were reports of Heather going under the knife to improve her look. After making a few public appearances some of the public believed that she got thinner.

From this, people began to assume that she had plastic surgery. However, Heather never confirmed or denied getting plastic surgery. One rumor in particular assumes that she may have had a nose job.

Others think the realtor may have gotten a facelift, Botox and lip fillers, but this is just speculation. Her nose typically has the ‘perfect’ shape that someone would expect from someone who had gone under the knife.

However, Heather’s mother also looks young for her age, so it is possible she just inherited her genes!

Heather before Million Dollar Listing LA

Looking at Heather’s old pictures, it is suggested that she may have had a nose enhancement or job done. Images from 2016 show that her nose used to be much wider and pointer at the end compared to its thinner look now.

Going back a year earlier to 2015 shows an even more significant change in Heather’s nose. Other facial features don’t look that different, though, including her prominent bone structure.

She previously wore a lot less make up too, but this is likely down to looking glamorous for her real estate job, and being around cameras much more often.

Going back to 2013, there is even more of a change in Heather’s face. Her lips look slightly thinner than they are today, as well as her eyebrows. It comes as bushier eyebrows have become a more recent trend.

Some may even say that Heather looks far younger now than she did in older pictures.

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How old is Josh Altman’s wife?

Heather was born on January 25th 1985, making her 36 years old at the time of writing. Her husband Josh, who she has been married to since 2016, is several years older than her, at 42.

The Bravo star certainly looks much younger than her real age, which suggests potential use of facial enhancements.

She wouldn’t be the first realtor in the public eye to change her appearance, as most of the Selling Sunset cast have admitted to doing the same. They even had a Botox party during an open house night!



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