Lisa Barlow went from your usual RHOSLC to a living legend when she brought ‘baby gorgeous’ onto the show… Her slogan has become such a vibe that fans just cannot using the phrase.

The Bravo star ended up landing on multiple gifs all over social media when she first used those words. So much so that viewers are even saying it to their children at home – yep, it’s that memorable.

We revisit the exact moment that Lisa broke the Housewives history books when ‘hi baby gorgeous’ became a thing.

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Where ‘baby gorgeous’ all began

Lisa first shared those words with the world when she went to pick up her youngest son from school. She greeted him with: “Hi baby gorgeous.” And ever since, RHOSLC fans haven’t been able to forget it.

She didn’t say it straight away though, but when her son was sat in the backseat of her car. The star looked back and directly said the words back, which were publicised during an October 2021 episode, which basically meant she had officially began carrying the season.

From “keep coming, who’s next” to her on-screen feuds, there’s no stopping when it comes to Lisa’s riddles. Some have questioned whether her youngest son is the only one with that nickname, or if she calls everyone “baby gorgeous”.

And that was history. Those watching instantly caught onto the catchy slogan and began using it all over social media. Oh, and not to mention accidentally saying it to their dogs and cats…

Lisa Barlow’s slogan became iconic

Fans of RHOSLC everywhere suddenly gained a huge amount of respect for Lisa when she brought “baby gorgeous” into our lives. And many are seriously thanking her for it.

Looking on social media, viewers have not stopped mentioning the slogan, despite the Bravo star first mentioning it a while ago. Everyone already knows that it’s basically become her middle name.

Many fans have even admitted calling their husbands and pets “baby gorgeous”! One viewer wrote on Twitter: “I think it’s about time @LisaBarlow7 made a hit single called ‘baby gorgeous’ we need a song this is just too iconic now.”

Lisa has gone onto become quite the quote Queen. From posting on her Instagram story, “I’m writing my own story. Write your own – Lisa Barlow 2022“, it looks like this year could be the year she continues her iconic phrases.

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Viewers use phrase as greetings

A Reddit thread shows several fans using the greeting in their everyday lives. One wrote: “Please tell me I’m not the only one using this amazing greeting… I find myself saying it to my kids all the time now.

And it’s not just “hi baby gorgeous” that viewers have added into their own vocabulary. It’s also the same way that she responds “love that” to her fellow cast members that people have picked up.

One fan even wrote on Lisa’s Instagram comments with a pretty heavy confession. They said: “I can’t stop calling my yorkie hi baby gorgeous.” She responded: “Love it. Never stop.”

It’s gotten to the point where she is basically known as “Baby Gorgeous” rather than her real name, which by the way, is Lisa Barlow. Some fans have even encouraged her to write a single using the phrase. Could be quite catchy.



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