OG cast member Eddie Lucas appears on our screens every Monday night. As the latest season of Below Deck gets well underway, viewers are wondering if he is still with his girlfriend.

He was left devastated when Captain Lee Rosbach had to leave the yacht this season, which led to him putting Eddie in charge until they found a temporary replacement on board.

Despite all the goings-on, fans have some questions about his personal life. Eddie previously opened up about girlfriend Amy on the Bravo reality show, but are they still together?

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Below Deck | Season 9 First Look | Bravo

Below Deck | Season 9 First Look | Bravo

Who is Eddie Lucas’ girlfriend?

Eddie’s girlfriend during Season 3 is thought to have been called Amy, from Baltimore, Maryland.

They often traveled the world as a couple, just before Season 3 aired.

He was dating her before he joined Below Deck, and continued to be in a relationship with her during the show.

Their long-distance relationship took place throughout the third season, but he did not return for the fourth season because he was having relationship issues with his girlfriend back home.

Is Eddie Lucas still with his girlfriend?

No, Eddie does not appear to be with Amy anymore. But this isn’t to say that he doesn’t have a new lady in his life.

When a fan asked Lucas if he broke up with his girlfriend after he hooked up with another woman during Season 3, he confirmed they are not together.

He revealed: “No, actually, not right away. No, we worked on it for a while. It ended worse than ever.

Eddie had been cheating on her with third stew Rocky Dakota, and hid their relationship in the laundry room. He said:

I wanted to show that what they saw at the end of Season 3 isn’t who I am, and that huge mistake that I made in my life isn’t what defines me as a person.

Eddie told Vulture that he “screwed up” during season three, adding that his actions were “appalling”. He said:

There’s no two ways about it, like, I screwed up. And it was appalling, my actions. I was thinking with the wrong head. So this season, I was going into it with a mindset of being way more professional and taking my job way more seriously, but also my job as a boss.

Has the Below Deck star moved on?

Yes, Eddie confirmed on a November episode that he is in a new relationship. He called her “honey bunny” during a phone call which aired on the current Below Deck season.

He reportedly said that ever since he turned 36, he realized that he wants to take his life seriously, including his job.

Looking at his Instagram, he appears to have gone public with his current girlfriend, but did not tag her in the post. Eddie said the “wonderful woman” has supported him while he was trying to buy a home.

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