The new Married to Medicine season is getting underway, but viewers have noticed that Quad hasn’t appeared. So, is she still on the show?

With the line-up of women either married to a doctor, or a doctor themselves, we get to see the reality of their personal and professional lives.

Quad Webb has been absent from season 8, which has left fans wondering whether she is actually still employed by Bravo.

So, is Quad still on Married to Medicine? We look into rumours about whether she was fired, and reveal exactly why she’s absent.

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Who is Quad from Married to Medicine?

Quad Webb-Lunceford is a 40-year-old actor, who is best known for appearing on Bravo’s Married to Medicine.

She is an entrepreneur, who was recently named as brand contributor for fashion store BCBG.

Quad is also a chef, author and TalkTalk show host.

When it comes to her family life, she is a mum-of-one to daughter Ariana.

Fans question where Quad Webb is

With two episodes in and no signs of Quad, Married to Medicine fans started to question where she is.

Some viewers thought that that the Bravo star was no longer on the series, and added that they are missing her.

One fan wrote: “Does anyone know if we will be getting any Quad appearances?? I miss her #Married2Med#marriedtomedicine.”

There were also a few who said they were glad she had gone. One viewer said: “I miss Mariah already, but so glad Quad is gone!”

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Is Quad still on Married to Medicine?

  • Yes

Quad was shown in the preview for the upcoming episode, which confirmed that she is still on the show.

It was reportedly confirmed back in May 2020 that Quad had been fired from Married to Medicine, according to

However, she denied rumors of her dismissal in interviews.



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