Jen Shah's massive net worth could drop following legal troubles

RHOSLC star Jen Shah is best known for enjoying a luxury life of glamour, but all of that could be about to change. It comes as she was hit with legal troubles which involved her reportedly going on the run.

The all new season of Bravo’s Salt Lake City Housewives franchise came out on November 7th, and the first episode brought a whole load of drama. This included her leaving a trip before the police turned up looking for her.

Her glamorous lifestyle might be well-documented by cameras, but so are her legal issues involving an alleged money laundering and fraud case. We looked into what her huge net worth is, and why it could drop soon.

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The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City | First Look at Season 2 Trailer | Bravo

The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City | First Look at Season 2 Trailer | Bravo

Jen Shah flees trip on RHOSLC

Jen Shah sits down, ready to leave for a trip with the others, when she gets a phone call and asks: “I need to go to the house?”, suggesting her husband Sharrieff is on the other end of the line. She then asks a co-star to take her mic off, and gets into her car while listening to the phone.

She then leaves the trip after claiming her husband was in the hospital with internal bleeding. Just minutes later, the police turn up, after the RHOSLC cast members discuss whether to wait for Jen, or to leave for the trip.

The police ask them if Jen is alright, and announce that they need to speak with her. They also question which vehicle she left the area in.

It looks like the entire phone call scenario and hospital situation was a complete lie, as many have uncovered she was really running from police. Homeland Security officers turned up in the last few minutes of the RHOSLC episode to take Jen Shah into custody.

The RHOSLC star’s legal troubles

Jen Shah is part of an ongoing wire fraud scandal. In March, she was arrested and charged with conspiracy to commit wire fraud in a telemarketing scheme, The Sun reports.

The police arrested both Jen and her assistant Stuart Smith, who is regularly featured on the show. They were each charged with one count of conspiracy to commit wire fraud in connection with telemarketing and one count of conspiracy to commit money laundering.

Jen and Stuart are accused of targeting senior citizens to scam them out of money in an alleged scheme. If found guilty following the ongoing investigation, they could each potentially face up to 30 years in prison.

Authorities say Shah and Smith sold the victims ‘business services’ such as tax preparation or website designs that they touted to make the people’s companies more efficient and profitable. 

What is Jen Shah’s net worth?

Jen Shah has a net worth estimated at $3million. When asked the highest amount she’d spent on a party by Entertainment Tonight, Jen revealed that she’s previously blown $82,000 on a party at her Chalet.

She also added that she throws at least six of those kinds of parties a year! queen of ‘extra’ wouldn’t bat an eyelid (complete with false eyelash) at flying in dancers from Tonga for a party or splashing $50,000 on dinner with friends.

Before the arrest, her co-stars even remarked that she has a private driver to give her lifts at her beck and call. The CEO of three companies – JAX Fashion, Shah Beauty, and The Real Shah Lashes – could likely take a major drop in her net worth as a result of the arrest.



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