A concerned Jennifer Aydin took to social media on Sunday night, after her husband Bill Aydin’s $200K Ferrari was stolen from their New Jersey garage. The car has since been found – but just how much is it worth?

The RHONJ cast member shared video evidence of the car being reversed out of their home and driven away, which she said was followed by a van. She frantically asked fans in the area to look out for the speedy racer car.

Within hours, Bill’s expensive piece of kit was found. The entire ordeal shed a light on the couple’s fortune, and just how much money they must have to own a Ferrari – just one of their wealthy assets.

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Jennifer Aydin shares public appeal

Jennifer took to social media on Sunday (April 3rd) to ask fans for help in locating her husband Bill Aydin’s now-found red Ferrari, which was taken from their garage by three men, as per Page Six.

The 2016 Ferrari California was stolen while the RHONJ star’s mother, nanny, au pair and four out of five of her children were situated in the house. Jennifer and Bill were on holiday in Miami when the robbers entered before 11pm.

She revealed she was thankful the intruders didn’t harm any of her family members. Jennifer revealed to Page Six that her oldest son, Justin, who was gone and came back right after the suspects fled, knew something odd had happened.

He noticed that “all of [the] garage doors” were open. She detailed:

Him driving up with his Tesla would have blocked them from leaving. And who knows what they would’ve done in that moment. They could have wanted to hurt him so that they could take his car, a Tesla. Or if they were armed, maybe something much worse.

Justin had missed them by 30 seconds, according to Jennifer. She also posted security footage from a camera inside her garage that showed a man running in, stealing three pairs of shoes and handing them to the two other suspects.

He then got in the driver’s seat of the Ferrari, found the keys, turned on the car and reversed it out of the garage.

Bill’s $200K Ferrari was found

Fans were relieved to find out Bill’s Ferrari, which is estimated at just under $200K in value, was found on Monday, just hours after it was stolen. Jennifer shared an update on her Instagram story, which read:

Update: They found the car! I don’t have details but thank you to the authorities and all fans and friends who used their outlet and networks to help find this car!

Many who regularly tune in for RHONJ had reminisced on the moment when Jennifer was carried into her husband’s red Ferrari during a well-known scene, with some saying they couldn’t work properly after hearing the news.

Bill had driven Jennifer home after she had too much to drink at a pool party. It was revealed on the series After Show that she has no memory of the event, and that she threw up on the Ferrari seat belt “a little bit.”

Since the car was stolen, the reality TV personality has hired Wolf Pack Private Security to guard her house in a bid to keep her children safe. She said: “The car has been found, abandoned in a hotel parking lot in Irvington.”

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The RHONJ couple’s fortune

Jennifer’s plastic surgeon husband Bill Aydin is said to be worth millions for his medical work. The Housewife, however, is the second richest on the show with a reported net worth of $11 million to her name, as per Sports Skeeda.

Most of her wealth came after her marriage to Bill, who runs his own practice at Aydin Center for Plastic Surgery. The couple’s combined net worth is much higher than $11 million, while Jennifer’s salary is thought to be $100K.

She ran her family’s successful jewelry business before the star launched her own cooking show on YouTube and has also appeared in New Money. Their mega mansion alone is estimated at $3 million.



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