Jennifer Aydin fell flat on her nose during a charity baseball game on RHONJ. Although the whole incident was a standalone moment, it comes as many try to stop her from falling into co-star Marge’s ‘trap’.

The two Bravo reality stars have been feuding since Jennifer’s husband Bill’s past affair resurfaced. Jennifer felt Margaret Josephs had only brought up his infidelity to hurt her, but they recently aired their issues over a coffee.

So when Jennifer fell onto her new nose job during the game, it was a suggestive metaphor for her falling into Marge’s ‘trap’. We discovered reactions from fans following the fall, as well as what happened between the two.

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The Real Housewives of Lagos | Teaser Trailer | Showmax

Jennifer Aydin’s nose fall

Jennifer was unsure about what to do when it came to her turn at baseball. She hit the ball with the bat, but when she started running, she got closer and closer to the ground, before BAM. She hit the ground on her nose.

All you could hear and see from then on was her co-stars staring, while Gia Guidice shouts “oh my god, her nose!”. This led to several reactions from fans who couldn’t understand how she fell, but she just lost her footing.

Her co-star Dolores Catania has teased the moment when Jennifer fell in front of a crowd just short of 4,000 people. While running the bases, she suffered a fall and hit her nose, which was only just healing from a nose job.

Dolores told E!:

Jennifer falls on her face and she’s just healing from her nose job. She wore a mask. Jennifer can be like a little bit clumsy sometimes, she knows that, so she wore a helmet, thank God!

She is ‘falling into Marge’s trap’

When Jennifer and Marge began to feud, many worried that the RHONJ star was falling into a “trap.” And it’s not just the Bravo star that viewers fear for, but also her five children who are seeing the drama happen.

One fan wrote: “That’s sad that Jennifer’s kids have to deal with the fall out of Marge’s revenge. Shameful. The pain in Gabby’s eyes. #rhonj #mamabearmode.”

Another said: “I don’t like how Jennifer is sitting here talking about her marriage difficulties with marge. She wants to see Jen life fall apart, and she’s literally giving her the inside scoop #RHONJ.”

Jen fell into Marge’s lil trap. She got Jen to spill more of her own tea. #RHONJ,” said a viewer. But when Marge and Jennifer dealt with their differences, there was a massive backlash from fans.

A Twitter user reacted with: “People are actually mad that Marge and Jennifer made up? This is the best thing the season can do. Draw out fighting is never entertaining and they’re moving the show forward.

Marge and Jennifer drama

Marge and Jennifer haven’t always seen eye-to-eye, and while the current season’s focus of their drama has been on Bill Aydin’s affair, there have been past feuds which started for different reasons.

During season 11, Marge opened up to Jennifer about how she slept with a boss when she started in the fashion industry, which Mrs. Aydin didn’t understand. Jennifer also didn’t like how Marge had been open about her own affair.

Margaret cheated on her now-ex-husband Jan Joseph with her current husband, Joe Benigno, and Jennifer didn’t like how open she was about it. More recently, the tables have turned after Marge confronted her about Bill’s cheating.

The RHONJ star thought it was hypocritical of Jennifer to criticize her for cheating when her husband had committed the same wrongdoing. Their drama seems to have come to a close though, as they discussed their issues over coffee.



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