Jennifer Aydin showed off her new nose on RHONJ’s Season 12 launch episode, after removing her chin implant. But despite husband Bill literally being a plastic surgeon, she didn’t use this to her advantage.

The Bravo star first revealed her nose job and removal of her chin implant back in July, but some may have missed her Instagram posts and instead, discovered her new face during The Real Housewives of New Jersey latest premiere.

Many fans may have thought, well of course, Jennifer’s husband Bill is a plastic surgeon. But nope, she didn’t have the procedures performed by him. In fact, she flew all the way to Turkey…

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Bill didn’t perform Jennifer’s nose job

Despite living with and being married to a plastic surgeon, Jennifer Aydin’s husband Bill did not perform her nose job. In fact, she flew all the way to Turkey to undergo rhinoplasty, instead of turning to her hubby.

She revealed that she got the procedure done while visiting family in Turkey in 2021 and found her doctor on Instagram. This is because her husband Bill refused to do any more procedures on her, as per US Weekly.

He reportedly said she is the “worst patient in the world”. Viewers have also backed up Bill’s decision to say no to the procedure on Jennifer, as it is common practice for doctors to choose not to perform surgery on family members.

Jennifer’s nose job was inspired by filters

Jennifer explained that she just wanted her nose to look how it does in filters, which she believes is “everybody’s ultimate goal”. She also agreed with most criticism about her new snout in the first Season 12 episode.

Despite initial backlash about her nose, Jennifer said that it looks more natural now, and fans agree. We looked at social media reactions and although there was heavy criticism at first, many think her nose looks far better today.

The RHONJ star told US Weekly:

I watched the episode, I mean, I had the same exact critiques at the time of myself, which is one of the reasons why I wanted to be so vocal about my nose job, because it was such a shock. I kind of look whack in that first episode, but, like, as you can see, it’s settling in real nice and I’m really happy with it now. I didn’t take it personally.

During the procedure, Jennifer also got a chin implant, which made it appear larger and more defined.

Jennifer got chin implant removed

When getting her nose job, Jennifer also had a chin implant. However, she has since had it removed as she wasn’t very happy with how it looked. In January, she revealed on Instagram that she had the implant taken out.

After two doctors – including husband Bill – said that she needed a chin implant, Jennifer decided to listen to them and quite literally take it on the chin. But she later took matters into her own hands when she felt unhappy with it.

She said on her Instagram story:

I’m excited that by the time I do my next type of filming, whenever that is, I’ll be healed and my old chin will be back with my new nose that can still smell a rat,

Jennifer had the chin implant removal done by Dr. Ramtin Kassir, a New Jersey plastic surgeon who has done work on Sonja Morgan, Jacqueline Laurita’s daughter Ashlee Malleo, and Margaret Josephs’ mother Marge Sr. 



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