Josh Flagg is best known for starring on Million Dollar Listing. And despite securing several real estate deals, there appeared to be a recent change in his appearance which distracted Bravo viewers.

The real estate broker has been faced with much speculation when it comes to his looks, from whether he has lost or gained weight, to questions about undergoing potential plastic surgery.

However, the latest unconfirmed rumors involve talk of Josh getting a possible facelift. We debunked the speculation, compared recent to older pictures, and found out what’s really going on.

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Million Dollar Listing LA | Season 13 | Preview Trailer

Million Dollar Listing LA | Season 13 | Preview Trailer

Did Josh Flagg get plastic surgery?

Yes, 36-year-old Josh has confirmed he has had multiple nose jobs in the past. But regarding the rumors about a possible facelift, he has not confirmed nor denied any of those rumours.

As there is also speculation regarding him possibly losing weight, it could be that this makes his face appear tighter.

The Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles star is no stranger to plastic surgery, as he has undergone three nose procedures, with the first as a result of having a deviated septum, the Daily Mail reports.

Josh revealed on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen in 2016:

The second one was because the first doctor didn’t do such a good job and the third was because it wasn’t perfect but now I think it s a very good nose.

When host Andy Cohen asked Josh and his co-stars if they had any Botox done, everyone but Josh Flagg denied it. ed on the show that he has had a “s**t ton of filler”.

Viewers comment on rumored ‘facelift’

Viewers have been commenting on Josh’s appearance since as far back as 2013. Now in 2022, things haven’t changed much when it comes to his appearance, including comments about his weight loss, too.

One of his Instagram followers commented on a recent picture with: “You look incredible!!! What did u do.”

Another wrote: “My husband and I are saying the same thing…what did you do @joshflagg1 ….? We notice a big change.

“As a fellow Realtor, I enjoy both of the Josh’s. Flagg needs to immediately stop with the fillers and makeup“, said a fan.

It’s clear that several viewers are picking up on a change in Josh’s appearance, with some noticing that it could be cosmetic procedures making him look different.

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MDLLA: Josh before and after

There is no significant change across Josh’s Instagram pictures in recent times. It’s no secret that his forehead looks very tight, but it appears as though his previous frown lines are no longer on show.

This video [below] posted in November 2021 shows frowns in his forehead, suggesting that perhaps he has kept up with getting filler, and has possibly gotten a facelift since then. However, this remains unconfirmed.

More recent posts on Josh’s Instagram hint at a much smoother forehead and overall face.

We can already see that his nose is quite well-lifted – which can now be put down to his nose jobs – while he has no natural lines in his appearance, which would usually appear in a 36-year-old.

But even going back to summer 2021, Josh tends to look pretty smooth in the face, anyway. Whether he is keeping up regular cosmetic appointments or is naturally gifted, fans have made their own assumptions.

Reality Titbit has contacted Josh for a comment.

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