Who is Kameron Westcott? Height and husband of Real Housewives of Dallas star!

The Real Housewives of Dallas star Kameron Westcott is on Bravo fan’s minds, who are wondering how tall she is. So, what’s her real height?

Usually known for her charity work, she joins the line-up of successful women living it up as Dallas-based wives.

Viewers have noticed that Kameron appears slightly taller than her husband, and are questioning exactly what her height measurements are.

Here’s how tall the RHOD star is, and how that compares to her husband’s height. Plus, get to know who the father of her children is.

Screenshot: RHOD: New Dallas ‘Wife Kameron Westcott Calls Her Husband Hobbit (Season 2, Episode 1) | Bravo Youtube

Who is Kameron Westcott?

Kameron is a 38-year-old mum-of-two from Montecito, California.

She is also the owner of Sparkle Dog Food, which sells dog vitamins, treats and shampoo – as seen on The Real Housewives of Dallas!

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Kameron, who now lives in Texas, studied at Southern Methodist University and majored in fine arts, at the age of 22.

Having starred on Bravo’s RHOD for several years, she has been a reality TV personality on the series since 2017!

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Kameron Westcott: Height

  • 6 ft

Viewers have noticed that she appears quite tall, especially when standing next to her husband Court.

She said her and the family call him a hobbit, and admitted that she wasn’t initially interested in him because of “the height issue”.

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How tall is Kameron Westcott’s husband?

  • 5 ft 6

Court, 42, is Kameron Westcott’s husband, and regularly appears on RHOD.

He is described by Kameron as a “tech nerd and venture capitalist”.

They first met on the town while she was studying at Southern Methodist University in Texas, and Court was attending Vanderbilt University.

Court and Kameron live in exclusive neighbourhood Highland Park with their 2 children, their Russian Bulldog, Chunk, and their new puppy, Fanci.



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