Kate Chastain and Ben Robinson have faced rumors that he is the father of her baby ever since she revealed she was pregnant. Now the baby has been born, Below Deck fans are convinced Ben got Katie pregnant.

The Below Deck co-stars have shared pictures of their friendship for months. The pair casually hooked up, and Kate Chastain named him her favorite crew member on Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen.

She did add: “That might be because we had sex.” As for her relationship status, Kate confirmed she is single and raising her baby alone. So for the record, Kate and Ben are not confirmed to be dating.

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Kate Chastain and Ben Robinson

Kate and Ben have faced dating rumors for years. They briefly dated on Below Deck and slept together, but she is now single and simply has a close friendship with Ben, who has supported her during motherhood.

The Bravo co-stars have been on Galley Talk together, sparking rumors that Ben is the father. However, Kate nor Ben has ever confirmed the speculation despite fans being convinced he got her pregnant.

Now that Kate’s baby boy has been born, many think he looks just like Ben. One fan wrote, “Come on, be honest. You two have an amazing friendship, what is so wrong with a friend helping another friend out? And he looks like BEN!”

GRV Media and Reality Titbit have contacted Kate’s representative for comment.

Ben and Kate’s baby have one thing in common

Kate recently hit back at Below Deck fans who are convinced Ben is the father of her baby. But she noted on Twitter that her baby only has “one thing in common with a chef” and that’s “the ability to get emotional at meal times.”

At the time of writing, Kate has not revealed who the baby’s father is. On Andy Cohen’s Watch What Happens Live aftershow, she revealed to the Bravo boss and fans that she’s planning on raising her kid alone.

“I’m doing it solo and perhaps with some help, but I’m happy to do it alone,” the 39-year-old celeb revealed. Ben gifted Kate some presents when her baby boy was born and called her his “great friend” on Instagram.

Throwback: Ben asked Kate about kids

During Below Deck season 5, Ben asked Kate if she wanted to have a family. She responded: “Of course I do, I’d be the best mom ever.” She then asked him if he does, and he said yeah, before Kate replied, “Really? I’m shocked.”

She later told Ben: “I feel like it’s not the path you’re on. You have a lot of freedom.” Then in a confessional, Ben admitted: “Ultimately, I would like to find a girl that realizes that I’m very ambitious and supports me.”

He adds: “Kate wants someone who’s a provider, that’s not really what I’m about.” Kate also tells Ben, “It’s like freedom [or] children. Boarding school, send them away.” Ben then mentions good boarding schools in Hong Kong.


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