Katie Maloney’s ‘amazing’ weight loss has been praised by Vanderpump Rules fans as they applaud the Bravo star for her recent look.

Vanderpump Rules season 10 has seen Katie and her ex-husband Tom Schwartz have to film together, following their divorce in 2022.

It appears Maloney is fully embracing her post-breakup glow-up as fans praise her apparent weight loss.

Friends And Family Opening At Schwartz & Sandy's With The Cast Of "Vanderpump Rules"
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How did Katie Maloney lose weight?

According to Bravo TV, Katie Maloney has lost 25 pounds, and a lot of it appears to be down to her healthy diet and positive mindset.

According to People, Katie began working with a nutritionist who explained that she was “insulin-resistant or insulin-sensitive.” Therefore they created a special food plan to help her metabolism. She often eats a big salad for lunch from Health Nut. The salad is served with roasted chicken, sunflower seeds, cucumbers, carrots, lettuce, and tomatoes.

Katie revealed she snacks on nut butter, nuts, and fruit. For breakfast, she has a partial egg white omelet with avocado, feta cheese, and hot sauce to finish it off. Katie’s meal plan for dinner involves vegetables and protein. Therefore she often has chicken with green beans or broccoli.

Katie Maloney fires back at body shaming trolls

Katie Maloney has previously spoken out against the “hate train” on social media who body shame. She took to her Instagram page in a lengthy post last year to address a situation between her and a co-star.

The drama occurred when Raquel Leviss posted an image that was taken at her and James Kennedy‘s engagement party. In the caption, she is wishing Katie a happy birthday but was met with immediate backlash, according to reports. Fans were accusing her of posting an unflattering photo of Katie; claiming she wanted her to “appear less appealing” next to her.

Katie raged at the followers who said it was a “mean” and “unflattering” picture; as “neither of those things are true.” Maloney hit back by saying that she was extremely happy in the snap. Moreover, she was upset that it was assumed that because others found it unflattering, she would too.

In fact, when Maloney first saw the image she noticed how happy she looked as it was a “genuine smile right there.” She then added that she is “not blind” and “can clearly see the expression I’m making has given me about 12 chins.” However, Katie concluded that she is often on the other end of weight speculation and was fed up with people “calling out weight gain.”

Maloney also shared the negative impact these comments had on her. Sadly it had got to a point where she “didn’t want to take photos with my friends and family.”

Thankfully, Katie is no longer going to worry about judgment and criticism from outsiders. She further revealed that she’s done letting haters “get her down” and is continuing to work on herself.



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