Katie Maloney Schwartz allowed Bravo cameras to capture her fertility journey with husband Tom while planning to get pregnant.

Fans of reality TV show Vanderpump Rules saw Tom Schwartz tell their friends that him and Katie were trying to start a family.

When Lisa Vanderpump claims that Tom Sandoval and Schwartz are the last two left to have a baby, he confirmed that chapter has not closed.

Viewers have since questioned if Katie has fallen pregnant yet, with the couple’s fertility journey pulling on heart strings a little more each episode.

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Vanderpump Rules | Season 9 First Look Trailer | Bravo

Vanderpump Rules | Season 9 First Look Trailer | Bravo

Katie Maloney’s fertility issues

Katie has been open about her and Tom’s struggle to get pregnant. They began trying in the summer of 2020, and it has not happened yet.

They had been trying for two months during the lockdown, with Tom explaining they were “having s*x when the clock told them to”.

Anticipating that they hope to be pregnant in the next couple of years, Katie has changed her opinion on having a baby post-lockdown.

She told Bravo:

Now that the world’s about to open up, I’m like, I don’t know if I want to, like, run and get pregnant right away. I think I might want to travel and experience a little bit of post-COVID life.

During an Instagram story, Katie asked her followers:

Can we just stop asking people? Because it’s like, I would love to be pregnant, but I’m not. And so, like, sometimes seeing this question over and over is a little… [trails off].

Tom and Katie’s pregnancy journey

Katie and Tom have been planning to conceive a baby, which has involved him giving a sample of his sperm to a clinic.

The couple, who already have a dog, have filled in paperwork, which included questions such as if they’ve been pregnant before.

It came to the surface that they had an abortion in the past – ten years ago – and both agreed looking back that they made the right decision.

Katie said:

It was so early in our relationship. I knew I wanted to have kids but I just knew it was not the time in my life.”

She added that they had been together for a year at the time, while Tom admitted he still has the “what if” question if they had the baby.

Now, Katie has revealed pregnancy is something they are ready for when it happens. And fans are crossing their fingers it takes place soon.

Is Katie Maloney pregnant?

No, despite rumors circulating about Katie possibly being pregnant, the couple have made no announcements on Instagram.

Although they could be tied down contractually with Bravo to not reveal any secrets, she was recently seen sipping a likely cocktail on Insta.

Suggesting they are enjoying life as a couple and as dog parents, there is another thing that says she isn’t pregnant: no sign of a bump in recent pics.

Plus, as the couple have been so open with their pregnancy journey, it’s likely they would have told us if they were.



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