The Kathy Hilton and Kyle Richards drama has halted as the half-sisters were reunited with their siblings for a family celebration. The RHOBH stars even stood next to each other for the reunion pic, sending fans wild.

Kathy’s frustration at Kyle was clear after the latter didn’t show full support for her Casa Del Sol tequila. A tearful Kyle said during a Real Housewives of Beverly Hills clip: “I feel like you [Kathy] hate me or something.”

Since then, their relative Kim Richards had to get involved in July 2022. Rewind to May 2023 and it looks like the two have patched things up, at least for the sake of their niece’s wedding celebration.

Kathy Hilton and Kyle Richards drama

Kathy and Kyle had drama between them since they went to Aspen with their co-stars. Kathy “said some things” about Kyle, sending her into tears. Cast member Lisa Rinna told Hilton: “I’m sorry, Kathy, you’re not going to get away with it.”

Speaking to ET at the RHOBH screening in July 2022, Kim – who exited the show in 2020 – revealed she reached out to her sisters via text message to lower the tension. She said:

I just said, ‘I love you both and I don’t really know what’s going on there but I do know two of our daughters are getting married this next coming year. I’d like to see if we can find a way to resolve it. I’m here to help.’

Since then, the two have been spotted posing for pictures at Elton John AIDS Foundation’s 31st Annual Academy Awards Viewing Party in March 2023, suggesting they’ve patched things up. Now, Kyle has shared pics of them.

They reunite for their niece’s wedding

Just as their sibling Kim hoped, the two were able to be in the same room before one of their daughters got married. Kyle’s daughter, Farrah Aldjufrie, is planning to tie the knot soon, too.

Kyle shared a snapshot of the family celebrating her niece Whittles Davis getting married. One fan, who is clearly aware of their recent feud, wrote under the post: “So happy to see all the sisters and cousins together.”

Another penned: “The Hiltons and Richards family. It’s good to see your entire family getting along well.” As of March earlier this year, it was believed that the two were still not on speaking terms but appear to be civil now.

Kyle and Kathy’s siblings: Family tree

Kathy is the mother of Paris Hilton and a half-sister to Kyle and Kim Richards. Kathy’s mother Kathleen Mary and father Larry Avanzino got divorced before she later married Kenneth E. Richards.

Kenneth already had three grown children from a previous marriage. Both he and Kathy then gave birth to two girls, who are Kathy’s two maternal half-sisters – actresses Kim and Kyle Richards.

In the wedding picture, fans got confused over who is who. Kim Richards’ daughter Kimberly Collette Jackson is standing next to Kyle on the right, with Kyle’s daughter Farrah on the far right.

Next to Kathy is Kim Richards, standing alongside Kim’s other daughter Brooke Wiederhorn, while another of Kim’s daughters Whittles Davis is standing in front of her family.

Elton John AIDS Foundation's 31st Annual Academy Awards Viewing Party - Inside
Photo by Michael Kovac/Getty Images for Elton John AIDS Foundation

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