What happened to LeeAnne Locken's husband's eye? RHOD fans question Rich's patch!

Real Housewives of Dallas viewers are questioning why LeeAnne Locken’s husband has a patch covering his eye.

The cast members on the Bravo series are usually pretty open when it comes to showing us the ins and outs of their love lives.

Rich is amongst the housewives’ husbands who regularly make an appearance on the show – after all, the series’ name does give it away…

So what happened to LeeAnne’s husband’s eye? Why does he have a patch?

Screenshot: LeeAnne Locken’s Fiancé Rich Emberlin Has Some Secrets… | The Daily Dish | Bravo Youtube

Who is LeeAnne’s husband Rich?

Rich Emberlin is a 58-year-old former police officer from Waco, Texas.

He is best known for his work on 2017 thriller film Trafficked.

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Rich is a 30-year law enforcement veteran, who served with the Dallas Police Department’s elite units, including Dallas SWAT for 17 years.

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What happened to Rich’s eye?

  • He got an eye injury during his job as a SWAT officer

Many fans have been wondering why Rich now wears a patch on his right eye, when he didn’t always wear one before.

Rich suffered several injuries while on duty, including being shot at and stabbed in the hand. LeeAnne has admitted that she would sit at home and wonder if he was alive sometimes.

In 2016, he had to retire from his role as a police officer after getting an injury in his right eye, which left him permanently blind.

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LeeAnne and Rich: Relationship timeline

The couple dated for 10 years before getting married, with LeeAnne spending almost two years as Rich’s fiance.

He proposed to her with a 10-carat ring in September 2017, at the Teas State Fair. LeeAnne and Rich later got married in April, 2019.

They said their vows to one another at the Cathedral of Hope in Dallas.



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