Leva Bonaparte from Bravo’s Southern Charm has always had striking looks. She has now had quite the effect on viewers after showing off her sudden weight loss during the latest season…

Her appearance changed shortly after buying and moving into a new house with husband Lamar in an upscale neighborhood, a couple now seriously considering whether or not to have a second child.

Things haven’t just changed between Leva and her co-stars since season 8 – she unfollowed Venita Aspen and Madison LeCroy after crews wrapped up – but she’s also brought a fresh new look to her appearance.

Screenshot: Your First Look at Southern Charm Season 8, Bravo

Leva Bonaparte before weight loss

Leva revealed she had been putting weight on for years, which included when she was pregnant with her first child. She was inundated with messages from viewers asking about her appearance – mainly pointing to her weight.

The Southern Charm star revealed she has “always been a girl that generally watches what she eats, exercises and carried a hour glass shape figure” but said different hormone treatments while getting pregnant caused weight gain.

She usually wore less revealing clothes but since losing weight, has been complimenting her new figure. And the change in her appearance was definitely not missed by Bravo fans!

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The Southern Charm star’s transformation

Leva looks totally different in season 8 of Southern Charm, which was quickly noticed by viewers from episode 1. Her face looks noticeably thinner, which appears to emphasise her striking looks.

One fan wrote: “Ok I need to know, what is up with Leva’s look? It is so totally different from last season, it can’t just be weight loss, has to be more. She’s had something done for sure #SouthernCharm.”

Another agreed, responding: “Right? She looks stunning. Medically-enhanced BUT stunning.”

Leva totally changed her lifestyle

It was at the beginning of 2021 when Leva decided to make a change to her lifestyle. As per Bravo, the reality TV star made a decision to seek out a plastic surgeon after her weight “was at its highest ever.” 

The Southern Charm cast member revealed on Instagram that she had gained 70 pounds during her pregnancy with son Lamar Jr after years of putting on weight. Through lifestyle changes and exercise, she lost a “good bit” of weight.

Although she cut out carbohydrates and began doing cardio five times a week, Leva felt she still had some “stubborn areas” she couldn’t lose, and therefore consulted a plastic surgeon to get some work done to “tweak” her body.

Southern Charm - Season 8
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