Lisa Rinna's journey from scandalous Days of our Lives role to Real Housewife
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Lisa Rinna's journey from scandalous Days of our Lives role to Real Housewife

Bravo fans may know iconic Lisa Rinna but before the drama of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, the star appeared on US soap Days of our Lives.

Lisa played Billie Reed on the NBC iconic programme, as well as Taylor McBride on Fox’s Melrose Place.

It appears the star isn’t afraid of drama and intense storylines, so let’s take a look at her time on the shows. What is Lisa Rinna up to now?

Lisa Rinn played iconic Days of our Lives character

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Her stint on DOOL first began in 1992 until 1995, three decades ago. The star returned for a brief period in 2002 and 2003 and then took a nine-year break from the show. Another comeback featured in 2018.

Krista Allen was recast as the role for four years in 1996. When she left, rumours swirled about who would play Billie. But no one expected Rinna to come back.

Billie, a professional singer, first appears in Salem without her parents. She thinks her father is deceased and never met her mother. She battles cocaine addiction and past demons to get clean. Eventually, she turns her life around with her own cosmetics company before her presumed dead dad returns from the grave.

However, the turbulent relationship between Billie and Curtis comes to a head in 1993, when he is eventually murdered (for real). Billie is then arrested over his death. But it comes out that another character killed Curtis in self-defense and framed his daughter.

Kate Roberts is then revealed to have been been married to Curtis and is Billie’s mom. She thought Billie, and her brother Austin, had died in a car crash with Curtis after he faked their deaths.

Billie’s comeback (again)

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The 59-year-old author returned to the hit series in the spin-off show Beyond Salem in 2021.

Agent Billie is searching for precious jewels from a priceless artefact. Although the gems were stolen 30 years ago, they are now resurfacing suddenly all over the world. ISA agent Billie attempts to get to the bottom of it.

Rinna enjoyed the trip back down memory lane, appearing on the show once more.

She told Deadline: “There’s a lot of wink-wink in this with bringing back past characters. I mean, it’s the funniest thing that Billie is working for the ISA. There’s a lot of tongue and cheek and I think the audience is in for a great ride.”

Another timeless character

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Lisa portrayed Taylor McBride in Melrose Place for two years in 1996. As part of the main cast, Lisa appeared in 66 episodes as fans got to know Taylor better.

Viewers were first introduced to Taylor in the fifth season, when she moved to LA with husband Kyle.

She is the younger sister of Peter Burn’s (Jack Wagner) dead ex-wife, but when Taylor first arrives, he doesn’t recognize her.

But Taylor uses this as her advantage, but develops romantic feelings for him. When he finds out who she is, she keeps it quiet about her attraction. The two begin an affair when he falsely believes his wife Amanda had cheated on him.

Although it all ends in disaster, and even when Taylor ties to scheme her way back into ex Kyle’s heart, it fails. She ends up becoming pregnant with Michael Mancini’s baby and later moves to Boston with the child.

Discussing her time on the show, she told People magazine’s ‘People in the 90s’ podcast about the role. She said: “What a juicy role to get to play.

“I look back at it and I can’t even believe that that was allowed and that we got to do that, and I got to dress the way I did, and the fights and getting slapped by Peter.”

“All the things that happened, we couldn’t do that today, I don’t think.

Lisa Rinna becomes a real housewife

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The star premiered on the show in 2014, for season five. Lisa appeared as the new housewife alongside Eileen Davidson, and guest stars Maloof, Meyer and Armstrong.

During the time on the show, Lisa has seen more drama than most people do in their lives, on and off screen.

The actress lost her mother Lois in November last year, aged 93. And as season 12 is well underway, she told fans that they will see her have a breakdown after the loss of her beloved mom early in the season.

Fans may worry the reality star will leave the series behind after an emotional year, although she is a fan favourite.

As it stands there is no news that veteran Lisa Rinna is leaving Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, writes Screen Rant.

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