Scandoval has taken the reality TV world by storm ever since news of Raquel Leviss and Tom Sandoval’s affair broke, however, there’s now been speculation Lisa Vanderpump knew a while before news broke, although she’s taken to Twitter to clear things up.

Just when we thought there couldn’t be any more new drama in the Vanderpump Rules world, fans are now waiting on huge revelations that “not all of them [the cast] know now,” according to executive producer Alex Baskin.

However, fans now know it’s not that Lisa Vanderpump knew about the affair earlier, as she took to Twitter to clear things up.

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Fans thought Lisa Vanderpump ‘knew’ about Scandoval

Two months on, and Scandoval is now more of a hot topic than ever before, as Part 1 of the reunion aired last week.

It has been public knowledge for a while that Tom Schwartz knew before everyone else, however, it seems like the Toms may have had a slip-up at the reunion when Schwartz revealed he knew in “late August.”

We now know there’s a vast revelation still to come, and many fans took to Twitter to say they thought it was that Lisa Vanderpump knew for months.

It was ‘gossip King’ Ken Todd made the big reveal that Raquel had stayed over at Tom’s when Ariana was away in front of Katie Maloney, and things unraveled from there.

However, the Pump Rules star has shut down the rumors and clarified when exactly she found out about the affair that rocked the Bravoverse.

Lisa Vanderpump reveals when she found out about Tom Sandoval and Raquel’s affair

Lisa took to Twitter last night to reveal when she actually found out about the affair, and it turns out she only found out a ‘minute before we did’ when the news broke in March.

Taking to Twitter, Vanderpump said: “Ok.. no I didn’t know.. until a minute before you all did.. I wish I would’ve tho.” The star also revealed on Twitter that producers also didn’t know.

This means the big revelation isn’t what many thought, as Lisa confirmed in a later tweet which read: “I know the revelation …but it ain’t that.”

Lala Kent also took to social media to reveal she recently found out what the revelation was, although viewers are still in the dark at the time of writing.

The SUR owner denies ‘defending’ Tom Sandoval at the reunion

The first part of the reunion was dramatic to say the least, and there was a lot to unpack on social media. One thing that fans were discussing was that they thought Lisa was ‘defending’ Tom Sandoval.

The Pump owner stepped in to diffuse an argument between Raquel’s ex, James Kennedy, and his ex-friend Tom Sandoval, and it seemed some users weren’t too pleased.

“You did defend him a lot during the reunion can I ask why?” questioned one.

However, Lisa denied doing so and said she was just as ‘upset’ as everyone else.

Again, taking to Twitter to clear things up the 62-year-old replied: “No I didn’t defend him…how could I? I just didn’t want to pile on, it scares me when everyone is against one…but yes I was very disappointed. I found out last…”

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