Tributes are pouring in for the Queen following her death on September 8th. One of them includes Vanderpump Rules star Lisa Vanderpump, who was raised in London, before making the move to Monte Carlo, and then the US.

Born in Dulwich in 1960, Lisa grew up with Queen Elizabeth as the monarch, who was given the crown just eight years before the Vanderpump Rules star was born. By the age of 19, Lisa had bought herself a flat in Fulham.

Before moving to the United States, Vanderpump designed 26 of the London-based restaurants, bars and clubs that she co-owned with her husband. The entire time, the same Queen was in reign, and now Lisa pays tribute to her.

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Lisa pays tribute to Queen

Lisa took to Twitter and Instagram to share a message following the Queen’s death. She stated that she was “one of the most inspirational women the world has known” before adding her condolences to the Royal Family.

She ended the message, posted at 6.58pm on September 8th, with: “Our hearts are broken.”

Several fans joined Lisa in paying their respects to the Queen, with many all the way from America. In less than 24 hours, her post was liked by at least 73K likes.

One of Lisa’s followers commented: “Beautifully said. I am overcome with sadness 💔.

She always cheered on Queen Victoria

For years, Lisa has spoken highly of the Queen. Back in March, she noted that seeing the Queen is an “extraordinary woman” for being up and about at her late age. She died aged 96, but was 95 in March.

Several fans have called Lisa a “Queen”, with one stating: “It’s great that QE feeling better again. Lisa V has that in common with QueenE – being strong, resilient & never giving up.”

Despite being all the way in Beverly Hills and working on her business, Lisa never forgot her roots and made sure to check how the Queen was doing by watching the news every now and again.

Vanderpump Rules star’s British roots

Lisa was born in London, and even bought her own flat in Fulham by the age of 19. Several years later, she packed up her things and decided to move to Monte Carlo, South of France, and then Beverly Hills.

She knows a thing or two about British etiquette, and told Harpers Bazaar:

When I arrived in America, I was always flabbergasted that people would just talk to you. In England, you can sit on a train opposite someone in a small carriage for hours and not a word would be said.

Lisa, who joined Vanderpump Rules in 2010, gave birth to daughter Pandora while living in London. Back then, their posh home had a Juliette balcony, stately wrought-iron gate, and loads of windows.

Queen Elizabeth II has sadly passed away – RTB

Queen Elizabeth II has sadly passed away – RTB


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