Luis Ruelas’ net worth was huge even before becoming Teresa Guidice’s fiance. As part of using his Digital Media Solutions income for good, he has been helping those in need. What’s his net worth compared to Teresa’s in 2023?

The RHONJ star spent the pandemic feeding over 300 families – just one of Luis’ charitable activities. However, it comes after controversial reactions from Bravo fans after a video of Luis Ruelas at a ‘warrior camp’ surfaced online.

With a current job in the advertising industry, viewers are wondering what his net worth in 2023 is, and how he worked up his resume to live the lavish lifestyle he has with Teresa Guidice these days. Plus, what’s Teresa’s net worth?

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Luis Ruelas runs Digital Media Solutions

Luis Ruelas is one of five co-founders behind Digital Media Solutions (DMS), a Florida digital marketing company that uses its technology to create “a more efficient advertising ecosystem” and help businesses “dominate social media.”

He bravely embarked on his first work venture when he was only 19 years old when he used a $5,000 loan to invest in the first of his multiple businesses. Luis co-founded the company back in 2012.

According to its official website, the firm offers a range of marketing solutions to its clients. Before starting his own company, the businessman served as CEO of the marketing company Interacting Marketing Solutions for 13 years.

The 2023 net worth of Luis Ruelas and Teresa

Luis has accumulated a net worth of $2 million, mainly due to his successful business ventures. According to Bloomberg, his company was first founded in 2000, for which he acts as the executive vice president of business development.

Following debts, Teresa has earned enough to purchase a $3.35 million home with Luis, where she moved to in October 2021. She is now waiting for a purchase on her former property after a sale fell through earlier in 2021.

Teresa Guidice’s net worth in 2023 is now at $500K and is reportedly paid $62K per episode on RHONJ. Luis and Teresa’s life consists of lapping up the sun, going out for dinner, and attending concerts!

Recently, Joe Gorga claimed Luis “screwed” him in a $250K business deal meant to honor his late dad, People reports. However, Teresa responded by saying her fiance “lost a quarter of a million dollars” as the endeavor went nowhere.

The business was all set to be a pizza firm, and Teresa recalled in a confessional:

My brother came up with this idea for this pizza oven, he was like, ‘I want to do it with my sister,’ and Louie was like, ‘OK.’ He put out 250K, but then he spoke to our attorney and was like, ‘OK, what percentage should I give Joey?’

She added: “They came up with five percent, my brother went nuts. He wanted 50 percent. Then I called my brother, I’m like, ‘He put out all the money, what are you doing? If you want half, you need to put half in.’ He didn’t want to.”

He has helped to feed over 300 families

Aside from a successful corporate career, Luis is also an active philanthropist. He has worked with JL Blessings, a popular non-profit that assists homeless people in New Jersey.

In addition to dedicating his time to advocating for children with special needs – with a particular focus on autism – Luis has raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for charitable programs focused on children and families.

In May 2020, a few months after the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, he partnered with a non-profit to feed more than 300 families in Harlem, New York. Both Luis and Teresa also helped raise money by playing in a charity softball game.

It was during the 2021 Battle for Brooklyn celebrity softball game at Maimonides Park, Coney Island, 2021, that the couple was spotted getting a sweat on in aid of the Maimonides Medical Center.



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