Who is Luke Gulbranson's ex-fiancee? Summer House fans confused over dating timeline!

Who is Luke Gulbranson's ex-fiancee? Summer House fans confused over dating timeline!

Summer House is well and truly back on Bravo, but Luke Gulbranson’s dating timeline has left viewers confused. So who is his ex-fiancee?

His previous romance with co-star Hannah Berner – showcased in season four – may have been short-lived, but now he’s brought a new girl in.

Luke has some history in his dating life, as he was in a long-term relationship before – with someone who became his fiancee!

So who is the mystery woman who he proposed to? Read on below…

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Who is Luke Gulbranson’s ex-fiancee?

  • The name of Luke’s ex-fiancee has not been revealed

Luke was in a relationship with his ex-fiancee for 3 years.

For anyone who watched season four, Luke mentioned the engagement, which played a pretty big part in his and Hannah Berner’s romance.

He actually auctioned off the engagement ring, a Tiffany and Co round solitaire diamond set in 18-karat white and yellow gold!

Although her name hasn’t been revealed, there is a lady who Luke is pictured regularly with on his Facebook, back in 2013.

However, this could well be just a friend or family member.

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Does Luke Gulbranson have a girlfriend now?

  • He is reportedly dating Lindsay Hubbard

There is no sign of Luke with a girlfriend on social media, so as far as we know for sure, he could still be single.

However, reports say otherwise, as Bustle reported that there’s more evidence that Luke and Lindsay are dating, as they hook up in the trailer.

It is also thought that he could begin a romance with co-star Ciara Miller in the current season of Summer House, according to heavy.

He brought the newbie onto the season, announcing her as his “friend”.

They will reportedly cause drama in the house, especially as Hannah Berner is living with them there.

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Luke Gulbranson’s dating timeline explored

The Summer House star was thought to have still been heartbroken by his former relationship, even when he dated Hannah Berner.

So, it must have been a fairly recent break-up for Luke.

He began a romance with Hannah back in June 2019, which was later aired as season 4 in May 2020.

If his previous relationship was fairly recent, and he was with his ex-fiancee for 3 years, he could have got into a relationship with her in 2016.

There is some confusion around when he met Ciara, as he is thought to have met her at a modelling gig a few years ago, before hooking up.

She met his family in Minnesota, but then Luke reportedly got back with his ex – so this must have all happened before his romance with Hannah!



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