Who did Madison from Southern Charm allegedly sleep with? Ex-MLB player theories explored!

A clip of the Southern Charm reunion has led fans into a frenzy, as Madison allegedly slept with an ex-MLB player. Who is he?

She was called a “homewrecker” by Craig on the first part of the reunion on January 28th, as rumour has it Madison slept with a married man.

The Bravo series follows several singletons living in Charleston, and we’ve seen their lives evolve throughout each season.

Now we’re at the season 7 reunion, it’s all kicking off. So who did Madison LeCroy allegedly sleep with?

Screenshot: Austin, Your First Look At The Southern Charm Season 7 Reunion, Bravo

Madison and ex-MLB player drama explained

Craig Conover accused Madison of flying to Miami to sleep with a married ex-MLB player, while in a relationship with 33-year-old Austin Kroll.

During the season 7 reunion, the unexpected drama that unfolded between the former couple involved him telling her she’s a “homewrecker”.

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He goes on to add: “She’s trash and I hate being on the same stage as her.”

The name of the man in question was bleeped out, leaving it a mystery about exactly who Madison allegedly had an affair with.

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How did Madison respond to the claims?

We saw Madison admit that she received a DM from a man, and that they exchanged DMs with one another.

She went on to say: “But other than that, there was nothing. I’ve never physically seen him, touched him.”

Austin then gets involved, and tells her: “You guys FaceTime all the time, Madison. Stop.”

Then, Craig calls her a “liar”, with Madison responding to them with “I am not a liar and I will stand up for that”. She added:

I’m sorry, I’m not lying, I will tell you the truth. I was sleeping with…

And the clip ended right there!

Fan theories on who Madison ‘slept’ with

Regular Southern Charm viewers are unpicking who Madison could have possibly slept with, despite her denying the alleged affair.

The most common name coming up is Alex Rodriguez, known as Arod, but that theory has been dismissed by some as he is not technically married.

Some have accused him of possibly cheating on JLO, with one claiming they have an open relationship. This has not been confirmed or denied by Arod.

Others are absolutely convinced it is Arod, because he was caught liking a couple of Madison’s posts over the last two months – which have now been deleted since the reunion clip came out.

Other theories involve Derek Jeter, Jose Canseco, and Andruw Jones. Fans say Andruw and his best friend have liked some of Madison’s posts recently.

Madison has also shared messages between her and co-star Kristin Cavallari’s ex husband Jay Cutler, an ex-NFL player.



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