Is Married to Medicine LA cancelled? Petitioners called for original show to be axed

Is Married to Medicine LA cancelled? Petitioners called for original show to be axed

Married to Medicine LA is on people’s minds, following reports that it has been cancelled. So has the show really been axed?

The Bravo series follows the daily lives of doctors, as well as doctors’ wives, who currently live in Los Angeles.

It focuses mainly on the African-American medical community amongst the five successful women.

Petitioners had called for the original Married to Medicine show – the main series before the spin-off LA series – to be axed.

So has Married to Medicine LA been officially cancelled?

Screen Shot: Dr. Britten Cole – Bravo, Married to Medicine Los Angeles

Why do fans think the show is cancelled?

The status of Married to Medicine LA was questioned by fans, when they turned over their channels to find it was not being aired at its usual time.

It comes after reports stated that the show could possibly be cancelled, due to the cast not getting enough support.

An upcoming episode of The Real is also set to reveal allegations about cast members leaving the show.

Petitioners call for MTM to be cancelled

A petition was opened and supported by 3,131 supporters who were calling for Bravo to cancel the original MTM series, and remove all promotions.

Those involved in the Change petition said they felt the portrayal of Black female doctors in the media was affecting the public’s view.

The petition stated:

Bravo’s “Married to Medicine” not only exploits the 6 lives of its Black female cast members, but, through its advertisements and commercials, heavily associates Black females in medicine with materialism, “cat fights”, and unprofessionalism.

The petition, which began 8 years ago, is now closed.

Has Married to Medicine LA been cancelled?

  • Bravo is reportedly considering cancelling the series

As reported by Screen Rant, a source has revealed that the channel platform is looking into cancelling the show.

Filming for season 3 was meant to begin on September 1, but did not go ahead due to Covid-19 restrictions.

On November 4, the cast was reportedly informed that the show was at risk of possible cancellation.

However, Bravo have not confirmed or denied the claims.



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