Meet Rachel Hargrove: Age to Instagram of the Below Deck chef!

Being part of the crew on a multi-million dollar charter boat is no mean feat and Rachel Hargrove is experiencing it first hand on Below Deck in 2020. Let’s get to know Rachel – age, Instagram and more!

Working on a superyacht travelling some of the most beautiful places in the world doesn’t sound like the worst job to do, but anyone who has seen Below Deck will know – it comes with a lot of drama.

Below Deck is back with a new season in November 2020 and, to take things up a notch, there’s a brand new crew to meet, too.

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Who is Rachel?

Fans of Bravo’s Below Deck can wave goodbye to season 7 chef Kevin Dobson and say hello to Rachel Hargrove! Rachel is the new chef aboard superyacht ‘My Seanna’.

Working alongside Rachel during season 8 is Captain Lee Rosbach, Bosun Eddie Lucas, Chief Stew Francesca Rubi, Elizabeth Frankini, James Hough, Izzy Wouters, Shane Coopersmith and Avery Russell.

Rachel comes from Tampa, Florida however she’s spent time in Thailand, Japan, India, and Italy during her career. In her own words, in the kitchen she’s “super laser-focused” but out of the galley, Rachel is one to let loose!

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Below Deck: Rachel Hargrove’s age

It’s unknown exactly how old Rachel is, however, we could estimate that she’s around 33 years old.

The Below Deck star shared a ‘throwback’ photo to Instagram (@chefrachelhargrove) in April 2020 which shows that she was a contestant on America’s Next Top Model in 2005.

If Rachel was around 18 years old during ANTM, we can assume she’s possibly in her mid-thirties today.

Rachel’s cheffing career

Below Deck season 8 episode 1 launched on Monday, November 2nd. With a whole new crew including new chef Rachel and a new chief stew, there’s a lot of room for error. Things are looking up on the kitchen side, though, as Rachel comes off pretty meticulous in her area of expertise.

During episode 1 she said: “The preparation of food is so scientific. How is it going to be perceived neurologically when it hits the palate? You’ve got visual, scent, texture and you’ve got taste. I love it. It’s like a little fun puzzle to put together.”

Although Rachel is new to Below Deck, she’s a very experienced chef. As reported by Bravo, Rachel’s culinary expertise is very wide-ranging. She attended the Culinary Institute of America and apprenticed at Michelin-starred restaurant Quatro Passi in Nerano, Italy.

Rachel is not just a dab hand in the kitchen, though. She’s also an Ayurvedic Practitioner. According to her website, Rachel came across Ayurvedic medicine while trying to cure digestive issues. She started out as an Ayurvedic Nutritionist, then moved on to become a Yoga instructor and Massage therapist, too.

Screenshot: Rachel Hargrove age Below Deck – Hayu



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