In 2019, Real Housewives of Orange County fans were introduced to John Jannsen, who appeared on the show as the latest boyfriend of one of the leading housewives, Shannon Beador.

The couple started dating after Shannon’s divorce was settled with ex David Beador in 2017 and have been going strong for two years now.

Shannon recently posted a picture of the couple on her Instagram in celebration of their second anniversary and the snap has sparked fans curiosity as to who her latest low-profile beau really is.

John Jannsen RHOC. Picture: We Just Learned So Much Information About Shannon Storms Beador’s Boyfriend, John Janssen | RHOC

Meet John Jannsen

John Jannsen is a successful American businessman. John is 59 years old and will be celebrating the big 60 this year – though we don’t have his actual birthday.

John studied at Southern California University and though his degree hasn’t been specified it is clear that he is one smart cookie.

Jannsen started his career at a reasonably low level at an insurance firm called Wood Gutmann & Bogart. However, 17 years later through his hard work and dedication, he has managed to become the Vice President of the company.

John has admitted he is not the Hollywood type and the glitz and glam don’t appeal to him. He has been asked to appear on the RHOC but is adamant he won’t be in any upcoming episodes.

John’s Net Worth

Due to his success and progression in his job, John has managed to save himself a pretty penny or two – to put it lightly.

According to Starsoffline, as of 2021, Jannsen is said to be worth an estimated $10 Million.

This money has been made solely from his hard work in his career as a businessman, and though being offered more to appear in RHOC, he seems pretty happy with his more than comfortable 10 million.

John and Shannon bonded over their time at college

The RHOC star revealed she and John initially bonded over an experience they both shared. Both of the pair studied at Southern California University and this sparked their romance.

The couple were formally introduced in 2019 by mutual friends and Shannon admitted they had a connection from the start. The reality star told Bravo TV,

I have met someone when I was least expecting it. I just felt an instant bond with him, and I am so comfortable with him. And he is one of the kindest people that I’ve ever met. He is so thoughtful. We share the same faith. He’s a great dad. He has really strong family values. There are just so many things that you would hope that one person would have, and he’s got them. So I’m very blessed to have met him

Shannon Beador, Bravo

Fans are super supportive of the couple and hope that one day they will take their relationship further and John might pop the question.



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