Bravo’s Southern Hospitality is all set to premiere on November 28th and we have all the details about the cast members for you!

The show is a spinoff of Southern Charm where viewers get to see Leva Bonaparte manage her larger-than-life with the help of some other people.

Leva found fame when she first appeared on Southern Charm and has now managed to make a name for herself by running a very successful restaurant along with her husband.

Meer the cast of the show

Maddi Reese

Maddi is a DJ and VIP Manager at the restaurant, as reported by E!. She started working for the company four years ago and was only 20 years old at that time.

Since then, she has come a long way as she has learned how to take care of A-list clients while also working on her music career. On the show, viewers will get to see Maddi making some tough choices when it comes to her love life.

She will be left to choose between her newfound love to going back to her ex.

Mikel Simmons

Mikel is also a VIP host and definitely knows how to get a party started. He finally decides to come out but there are still many challenges that lie ahead of him.

Things at work are also challenging for Mikel as he finds out that not everyone wanted to see him succeed. Nonetheless, he puts his best foot forward and tries to tackle one thing at a time.

Grace Lilly

Grace is a VIP Concierge who was born in Kentucky and moved to Charleston when she was in Grade school. She believes in astrology and mysticism while living her life to the fullest.

To make sure she is not stopped by the borders of any country, Grace has spent the last two years traveling around the globe and partying.

While it might be a fun experience for her, things are not too great for the people who have to pick her shift. So viewers will be able to view some confrontations happening.

Joe Bradley

Joe is a VIP host and always feels that he has a lot to prove. He dropped out of college and decided to try his hand at various jobs.

However, he felt like he found the one when he became a VIP host. Joe has always tried to reach new heights in his career but his methods have not always been the best and things could get complicated because of the same.

Lucía Peña

Lucia is a New York native and a VIP Server at the restaurant. She has a two-year-old son who she takes care of in the daytime and spends her night-time working. While Lucia is a bit older than the rest of the staff, her personality still gives all of them a run for their money.

She has managed to get along with everyone while also trying to work out her relationship with her baby daddy.

Mia Alario

Mia was born and raised Trinidad and Tobago and decided to move to Charleston for college. She graduated with two degrees in economics and spends mornings working in a financial firm.

However, at night time, she works as a hostess at the restaurant.

Will Kulp

Will was a model in New York but decided to move back to Charleston and is now working as a bartender at the restaurant.

He has been having a fun time at the restaurant and is always down to enjoy with the rest of the members. However, Will also realizes that he needs to get serious about his future.

One of the things that he has on his mind is to apply to law school. Despite this, he has not been able to do that as he is struggling to take the first step toward change.

Emmy Sharrett

Emmy is a server at the restaurant and has been dating Will for a while. The two constantly work together and do manage to spend a lot of time with each other as well.

However, not everything is perfect in the couple’s life as they seem to have some differences that become too apparent when things start coming forward.

TJ Dinch

TJ is a bartender at the restaurant. While he is originally from Virginia, he decided to move to the city to explore the food industry.

He is always making sure that the restaurant is running properly and is not hesitant if it comes to stepping up and taking charge.

Bradley Carter

Bradly is working as a VIP host at the restaurant. He graduated from the Citadel military college on a football scholarship and now plans on having his own personal training business.

While he does a good job at work, things get a bit messy when he tries to mix work and personal life. As expected, things do not go as he had planned and drama soon erupts.

To find out how their lives unfold, you will have to tune into the new Season of the show.



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