Meet the new crew setting sail on Below Deck Down Under

Meet the new crew setting sail on Below Deck Down Under

The TV gods have answered our prayers and have decided to launch a brand new series of Below Deck, but this time we are headed across the globe to Australia for Below Deck Down Under. Bravo have promised us more crazy guests, more drama and much more fun with the new season starting on March 18 2022.

Before the season starts fans want to know all about the new cast and crew that are ready to set sail around the breathtaking Whitsunday Islands and Great Barrier Reef.

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Meet the new captain

The brand new caption for Below Deck Down Under is the youngest on the franchise yet and fans have already noticed him for his youthful and handsome looks.

Jason Chambers is from Australia and has over 20 years’ worth of experience on the water, so the crew should be in safe hands.

He already has connections to the show as he is friends with Below Deck Mediterranean crew member, Hannah Ferrier. When he isn’t busy being a captain, Jason is busy being a dad to his daughter in the Philippines.

Meet the rest of the crew

Aesha Scott

Any avid Below Deck fans will remember Aesha from Below Deck Mediterranean, but this season she is back on the team as the chief stew.

The 30-year-old is originally from New Zealand and began her yachting career as a deckhand before migrating her way into the interior team.

It appears Aesha won’t be having a romantic endeavour below deck this season as she has a serious boyfriend called Scotty Dobson.

Ryan McKeown

Ryan joins the team as the new chef. He grew up in the Philippines and has experience in cheffing on land and off the land. The chef has worked on yachts previously as well as in high-class restaurants.

Ryan studied at Penn State University and graduated in 2007 with a degree in hotel, restaurant and institutional management.

Tumi Mhlongo

Tumi joins the crew as the second stew. The 27-year-old is from South Africa and is currently single, meaning there may be room for a boat romance.

Tumi has proved that being addicted to social media can be a positive as its how she got her job in yachting. Tumi was recognised for the stunning posts of her tablescapes on Instagram.

The stewardess has a degree in design and visual communications and before starting her career in yachting she worked as a social media marketer.

Magda Ziomek

The third stew on the boat is Magda who is a model from Poland. Magda currently lives in Mexico City where she is signed to a modelling agency. Aside from yachting she also has a passion for surfing and all things that involve the water.

The stew began her career in yachting after falling in love with a captain and who knows, our new captain is pretty spicy, maybe it will happen again.

Jamie Sayed

Jamie joins the boat as the Bosun of the new season and he used to be a police officer. This will be his first time as a Bosun and he is hoping he can transfer the skills he has gained from the force onto the boat.

He is originally from Australia and lives in Palm Beach, Florida when she’s not at sea. Jamie is also very creative and has written a book on how to get into yachting as well as having his own podcast.

Culver Bradbury

Culver joins as one of the deckhands and is originally from Maryland in the US but currently resides in Florida.

Culver graduated from Jacksonville University with a degree in Applied Science and Exercise Science. During his time at college, he was also on the lacrosse team.

Brittini Burton

Britt is the only female deckhand this season, originally from Michigan, Britt began her yachting career as part of the interior team but made her way onto the deck not long after.

Brittini also has her own podcast called “Holy Sh*t Brit” which is an interesting and popular podcast where she discusses her journey to sexual empowerment.

Ben Crawley

Ben is the final member of the deck team and is a lot quieter and more reserved than the other crew members.

Ben describes himself as highly spiritual and has recently gone through the tragic loss of both of his parents.



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