Meghan King may be from Orange County but her bank account gives green light

Meghan King may be from Orange County but her bank account gives green light

RHOC star Meghan King is known for living a lavish lifestyle, much like her former co-stars. With Bravo no longer her a significant salary, many wonder how her finances are going.

With the cost of living in Orange County at 52% higher than the national average, as per Payscale, there’s basically a known fact across the area that most of its residents are raking in cash.

Adding on the fact that any of the Real Housewives get paid to let cameras film their daily lives, rumor has it that they are left with a pretty good check. But there really is truth to that speculation.

Several years since she left the show, we done some digging into Meghan’s current finances.

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The Real Housewives of Miami | New Season Official Trailer | Peacock Original

The Real Housewives of Miami | New Season Official Trailer | Peacock Original

Why she waved goodbye to RHOC

Meghan, who appeared on RHOC from 2015 to 2017, left the show after discovering she was pregnant with twins. However, that doesn’t mean she isn’t missing filming for the reality series.

In fact, she said she would consider returning to the Real Housewives as a friend, after a guest appearance in Season 14. However, Meghan currently lives in Los Angeles, so it would be difficult unless she moved back to OC.

Meghan told Hollywood Life: “I walked away because of the twins. I was pregnant with twins. I miss [the show]. I liked it.

I told Andy [Cohen] that I really want to consider coming back as a ‘friend’, but I’m kind of not really dead set on it [yet]. So if he [asked me to come back] I’d be like, ‘Well, let’s talk.”

When she left, Meghan was pregnant with ex Jim Edmonds’ children, who she has since divorced from. The former couple are both parents to Aspen, Hayes and Hart.

Meghan recently split from ex-husband Cuffe Biden Owens, who she married in 2021.

How does Meghan King make money now?

Meghan, who was previously paid around $300,000 per season on RHOC, currently has an Amazon storefront. She launched the store back in August 2021, and is also thought to write for a living.

She now works as a blogger and podcast co-host. As part of her work with Amazon, Meghan also recently collaborated with them for a fashion collection – just one of her paid partnerships with a big-time brand.

The former Housewife is now living it up at a St Louis home, a place she saved up for all by herself and bought for $840K back in November 2020. According to, her home is now worth around $945K.

The home, which has hardwood floors and 9-foot ceilings, has a walk-in closet and four bedrooms, including a large master suite with a glamorous master bathroom!

She appears to get an income from social media and partnerships, and often writes on her own blog. Putting finances aside though, Meghan designed a Lulu Simon Studio t-shirt to help raise money for a structure in South Africa.

The former RHOC star’s 2022 net worth

Meghan has an estimated net worth of $5million, which has mainly been accumulated from her appearance on The Real Housewives of Orange County, as well as other business ventures.

The entrepreneur has only increased her fortune over the years. This includes launching a hat company named Hashtag Hats, as well as a line of personal care products and candles named The King Collection.

With 1million followers on Instagram, her net worth has remained just as high as when she left the show, mainly through her large social media following. This, in turn, makes her salary from brands likely go up.

She also is thought to make a decent percentage from any company sales, such as on her Amazon drop.



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